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UA presents Rafael Altamira Summer Courses with new features

This year's edition includes 51 courses and is clearly oriented towards internationalisation, reduction of tuition fees and the incorporation of new sponsors.

Six of the courses will be held in English, and seven in Valencian. Twenty-five of this year's 51 courses will take place on campus, whereas 3 will be held at Ramón y Cajal University Venue, 3 in UA's new Venue at Calle San Fernando, and 20 in other Venues throughout the province. 

Registration period will be open on 18 May. 



CursosVerano15Alicante, 14 May 2015

This morning, the University of Alicante presented its 2015 edition of Rafael Altamira Summer Courses, featuring significant changes and aimed at boosting internationalisation. UA President Manuel Palomar explained the main lines of this 2015 edition, namely the courses' professional approach and their focus on practical application of knowledge, cross-sectional technological training, environmental protection and gender equality. Catalina Iliescu, academic coordinator of the courses, together with Ignacio Gally (head of training at ICALI), José Javier Cuasante (Chief Commissioner of the National Police Corps in the Province of Alicante) and Inmaculada Cascales (UA lecturer and sign language specialist) also attended the presentation. 

In his speech, Palomar stressed the fact that it is one of UA's priorities to keep co-organising courses with long-term partners as ICALI (such as this year's courses on European and International Law on Tourism and Criminal Justice Reform) and the National Police Corps (two courses: New security challenges within the European Union: terrorism and organised crime and Criminal Psychology and Behaviour), the Reproductive Medicine Chair (A look on the future: life in the 22nd century), together with new partners such as Vectalia Movilidad Chair and Antoni Miró Chair, in collaboration with whom Transport and the city and Art & Society: Antoni Miró's take and works courses will be held. 

A total of 51 courses on a wide range of subjects will be offered in this 2015 edition of Rafael Altamira Summer Courses. Twenty-five of them will be held on Campus, 3 at the Alicante City University Venue, 3 at Calle San Fernando Venue, and 20 more at the University Venues of Alcoy, Benissa, Cocentaina, La Alcudia, La Nucía, Orihuela, Villena and Crevillente. 

Catalina Iliescu, academic coordinator of the courses, highlighted the vast amount of disciplines covered by the courses: Science & Technology, Environment, Food & Health, Law, Economy, Business & Society, Culture & Arts, Education, as well as History & Archaeology. 

Iliescu also explained how this year's edition includes courses partially taught in English (Complex Systems: What Does the Brain Have in Common with a Cell or a Crisis? and Beyond Parameters: Alicante, Holiday City?) as well as three English-only programmes: Business, Economy and Society: Issues for Research in Knowledge and Information Society;  International Marketing and Trade, and Summer Business Program. These courses are organised in collaboration with the Universities of Glasgow, New Jersey and Missouri-Columbia, and they are aimed at attracting students from all over the world. In the academic coordinator's words, "in order to centralise our efforts and resources and to bring all our summer courses together into one single programme, courses that used to be organised within the INTERNATIONAL SUMMER PROGRAM (directed by Lecturer José Ramón Belda and held by the Office of the Vice President for Extracurricular Activities first and then by the Office of the Vice President for International Relations) are now a part of RAFAEL ALTAMIRA SUMMER COURSES". 

During the presentation, Catalina Iliescu also stressed one of this year's new features: 10-15 euro discounts on registration fees for students and unemployed people. The initiative is fostered by the Office of the Vice President for Culture, Sports and Language Policies, in order to support disadvantaged groups and families. This year, prices for students and unemployed people will be €50 for 1.5-credit courses (last year price was €60 per one credit), €60 for 2-credit courses (€70 last year) and €75 for 3-credit courses (€90 last year). 

International courses are longer than the rest, and so they are priced differently. 

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2015 Rafael Altamira Summer Courses cover the following areas:

  • Science and technology: courses on Agrotechnology (in collaboration with Monterrey Technology Institute, Mexico), IT applied to Land Planning; Technological Surveillance in the Healthcare Sector (supported by the Regional Ministry of Health); Biotechnology; Complex systems and Big data.
  • Environment, health and food: courses on Environmental education, sustainable consumption and health in primary educationMediterranean gastronomybeer brewingnutrition and physical activity
  • Law: apart from the courses held in collaboration with ICALI, there are also courses on court cases, forensic writing and criminal psychology.
  • Economy, business and societybesides the courses in English mentioned above, there are new proposals on leadership, protocol, population evolution, opportunities in Europe and Rock and Roll Business
  • Culture and art: courses on literature (literature in the digital era; horror, fantasy and science fiction; literature and comic books; children's literature and human rights,  supported by El Corte Inglés this year too), arts (art and society, string and piano, modern music, big band jazz) and even related topics such as marketing of cultural projects  
  • Education: besides innovation on education, mentioned above, courses cover subjects such as self-learning, entrepreneurship, inclusive schools and mental health in the classroom.
  • History and archaeology: apart from the course about torture in the Middle Ages, there are two archaeology-related proposals: one of them is a practical course, and the other focuses on Tartessian and Phoenician culture.


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