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The University of Alicante closes the academic year delivering its highest distinction to former university presidents Ordonez and Raneda

Both share Palomar’s view  that high quality public higher education is important as an engine for social progress

The university president recognised higher education research capacity and its role in the generation of knowledge with the inauguration of 50 new doctors  


Alicante, 22 May 2015

The University of Alicante holds the 2014-2015 academic year closing ceremony this morning, in which the Gold Medal has been awarded to former university presidents Ignacio Raneda Jimenez and Salvador Ordoñez. As noted by University President Manuel Palomar, it is the highest honorary distinction and falls on those who have particularly contributed to the progress and development of our university as it is today. 

In their speeches, Salvador Ordonez and Ignacio Jimenez have shared Palomar’s view in the role played by universities as an engine for social progress and the need to strengthen both the social and political commitment to them, without forgetting talent and vocation. Ordoñez has described universities as a meeting place for ideas and examples of tolerance and claimed to turn the tide of criticism of the university system among all of us because the future of Spanish society depends on it. Meanwhile, Raneda has appealed to the "real equality of opportunities offered by universities and their role in advancing towards the eradication of gender inequality. 

Both former university presidents delivered awards to their collaborators, their work teams and administration and services staff, that make the machinery work. Likewise, they have recognised in their families as being the true pagans of their absences and firm commitment to this institution that according to Ordoñez, he so much loves and owes, and, as stated by Raneda, he received the most extraordinary honour of being one of its presidents.

 Palomar thanked the work of his predecessors, all of them present in the room, as well as their management teams and a warm memorial dedicated to the leading figure of Ramon Martin Mateo, who passed away just over a year. 

During the ceremony, which was attended by Director General for Universities, General Studies and Science Felipe Palao, 50 new doctors from all fields of knowledge have been awarded their doctoral degrees. In this regard, UA president pointed out they have been acknowledged by their research capacity and role in the generation of knowledge, an essential work of the university. 

Palomar closed an academic year in which the University of Alicante has been ranked for the first time among the top 500 in some of the most prestigious rankings in the world, such as Leiden and Shanghai. He reminded us that it is important to note that if the University of Alicante is among the 500 best universities in the world of the more than 20,000 existing universities, then it means that UA is among 2.5% of most outstanding universities worldwide, and he also recalled that this has happened right in the year when our University celebrates the 35th anniversary from its creation, which consolidates our history and our position in the future. 

The university president concluded by appreciating the determination and resilience shown by this University’s management team during these 35 years to tackle complex situations and the asseveration of what he considers an absolute certainty: there is no more profitable investment than knowledge.





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