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A COMENEGO Project research work relaunches the CULT International Conference at UA on Wednesday

The conference is focused on the practice and training of translation with speakers from countries such as Japan, Australia, South Africa, Canada and Europe, among others.


Alicante, 25 May 2015

IV International Conference CULT (Corpus Use and Learning to Translate), to be held at the University of Alicante on 27, 28 and 29 May 2015 is the response to the results of a survey conducted by COMENEGO Project (Multilingual Corpus of Economic and Business Texts). The results, published in the scientific journal Perspectives: Studies in Translatology, not only shows the undefined concept of corpus amongst professionals and researchers but also that translators do not normally use this type of resources even though they are interested in being trained in this regard. The researchers participating in the project held a conference on economic translation last year and thus, this year's conference has been organised in the same line.

Essentially, a "corpus" is understood as a set of texts that can used for different purposes, such as for translation practice, preparation of dictionaries, translator training, research in translation, etc. Corpuses can be either compiled through the Internet, by means of different software applications, or find them already compiled in on-line platforms so that users can directly use them without the need of having to compile them previously.

International Conference CULT will deal with practical aspects in the use of corpuses. On the one hand, its main goal is to train the academic staff so that they can teach students to use it and on the other, train translators how to use it for translation purposes, as a complement to dictionaries, glossaries, etc.

The international nature of the conference is reflected by the speakers' countries of origin, such Japan, Australia, South Africa, Canada and Europe, among others. Speakers of plenary lectures are all notable leading figures worldwide in the field of corpuses. They are Gloria Corpas Pastor, from University of Malaga, Ramesh Krishnamurthy, from Aston University (United Kingdom); Clara Inés Rodríguez, from University of Granada; and Silvia Bernardini, from University of Bologna (Italy). CULT will be a meeting point for professionals, researchers, university lecturers and students.

Now taken up by UA, after three previous editions in Italy and Barcelona, the programme is made up over a hundred lectures, four keynote addresses and a four-hour training workshop on Sketch Engine corpus query system, scheduled for Friday afternoon, on 29 May.

Vice President for Culture, Sports and Language Policies at UA Carles Cortés will open the Conference on Monday along with Faculty of Arts Dean Juan Francisco Mesa, Director of the Department of Translation and Interpreting Pedro Mogorrón, Valencia region Director of the Interuniversity Institute for Applied Modern Languages IULMA) Francisco Yus Ramos, and Conference Director Daniel Gallego Hernández.

CULT Conference has been organised by the UA Department of Translation and Interpreting and will be held at the Faculty of Arts main conference hall (building No. 2).



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