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Alumni UA, a community of experiences

The Portal allows alumni, administration and academic staff, as well as those retired from the university to be part of a practical forum both professionally and personally


Alicante, 29 May 2015

“Because we all are the University of Alicante”. This is the spirit of the institutional project Alumni UA, coordinated by the Office of the Vice Persident for Students. A committment to actively involve graduates, alumni, current and retired workers of the University of Alicante in projects and other social and cultural activitiies.

Vice President for Students Nuria Grané states that if there is something that really matters in our University is the trajectory of each and every person that has passed through this University. A total of over 100,000 people that have become professionals and who are nowadays available to offer their their advice and experiences to those who are now attending classes where they used to do in the past.

In only two weeks, over 800 members have joined the Alumni UA community. From here, professionals from all fields can get back in touch with classmates, have access to such useful information such as employment opportunities, labour integration programmes and initiatives for their professional development.

Benefits and services

Members of Alumni UA can benefit from the different resources and servicies offered by the University of Alicante.

Each person that signs up the Portal will be able to enjoy special discounts in all oncampus sports, cultural activities as well as in certain UA own courses, languages courses, summer courses and courses at the different university venues. Also, they can have access to our library services, IT services and resources, participate in volunteering programmes, in activities promoting health and sustainability, acess to employment and self-employment programmes, etc.


Collaboration modalities

In this sense, and in order to unite synergies, enrollees can voluntarily become "advisors". An advisor can help other UA Alumni in topics and sectors related to their experience profile.

The UA Alumni Project allows members to participate in a group of "ambassadors" and act as cicerones in their place of residence anywhere and serve as reference to other UA Alumni in order to help them in their early days of stay in a new city or country.

Also, the project allows its members to participate in volunteer cooperation programmes offered by the University of Alicante for its university community.

Another form of institutional collaboration in this project is acting as sponsor. A proposal for all those people interested in participating in projects of the University of Alicante by providing their experience or funding.

All information on UA Alumni project and the registration process can be found in this portal.





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