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The University of Alicante presents the Doris Lessing Collection as a clear commitment to multilingualism


Alicante, 29 October 2015

The University of Alicante Languages and Culture Service releases this year the new collection of learning and teaching materials in English «Doris Lessing», as an answer to the increase in the teaching activity in English experienced in the University in recent years. In fact, the multilingual teaching at the University of Alicante has continued to grow so than last year 266 subjects were taught in English, 73 in French, 306 in Valencian and 95 in other languages. The "Doris Lessing" Collection is now added to the "Joan Fuster" Collection in Valencian which already includes 169 issues. 

According to UA President Manuel Palomar, «from the University of Alicante governing team, we are convinced that a commitment to multilingualism is indispensable in a globalised world. Our students demand comprehensive and high-quality language training to enable them to face with guarantees the challenges of the labour needs of the XXI century».


Joan Fuster and Doris Lessing collections as supporting material to the teaching activity in Valencian and English

The name of the collection, Doris Lessing, pays tribute to this English writer who died in 2013. Awarded the Catalonia Prize (1999), Prince of Asturias Prize  (2001) and the Nobel Prize of Literature (2007), among others, her whole life was marked by political and social commitment, especially in the struggle for the liberation of women, denouncing racism and also the living conditions of the most underprivileged classes.

This collection is now added to the "Joan Fuster" Collection of learning materials in Valencian launched in 1994, which currently consists of 169 booklets, ten books and some terminological works in various specialties with specific literature in Valencian.

Joan Fuster (in Valencian) and Doris Lessing (in English) are authors of a remarkable historical significance that set a trend. There is certainly a turning point after their writings, as both advanced in their time and represented a new mentality that forced them to overcome several setbacks such as censorship, formal and informal hostilities, lack of means and the absence of a favourable cultural environment. The two of them cultivated several genres and themes and, curiously, both were fond of aphorisms – in the case of Fuster, raised to literary category.


Promotion of multilingualism

With this new collection, the University of Alicante continues the line of promoting multilingualism which have already being applied by leading European academic institutions for some years: «We want a multilingual university, with degree programmes taught in Spanish, Valencian, English, French and other languages - with active multilingual students and teachers who use them to foster the international nature of our university from an integrated approach of diversity. From the implementation of innovative teaching and educational methods, we expect our students to develop the required skills in their comprehensive training throughout life» University president Palomar added.


New booklets in English and Valencian assisted by the Languages and Culture Service

The first two booklets in English of Doris Lessing Collection are: Acoustics Laboratory, by Jaime Ramis et al. which includes a set of basic experiments in acoustic laboratory aimed at the students in the undergraduate degree of Sound and Image; and Information Management in Communication, by Dolores Alemany, which includes applied research and management techniques, aimed at students of the undergraduate degree of Advertising and Public Relations.

As for the materials in Valencian, the latest booklets of the "Joan Fuster" Collection correspond to disciplines as diverse as Public Administration (Exercicis d’estadística aplicada a l’administració pública, by Oscar Forner and Objecte i mètodes d’investigació en la ciència política i de l’administració, by Barnabas Aldeguer), Health Psychology  (Psicòpates i assassins múltiples, by Natalia Albaladejo and Maria Dolores Fernández)  and Chemistry (Manual de Matemàtiques II per al grau de Química, by Lorena Segura and Juan Matías, and Mètodes d’anàlisi de materials polimèrics, by Maria Mercedes Pastor).

Also, other than the publication of booklets, the Languages and Culture Service staff assists UA lecturers with the revision of the materials of the subjects taught in Valencian and English through a call for funding, through which 41 subjects in English and 12 in Valencian were funded and assisted in the latest edition.








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