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Valencian public universities launch their open data portals

The University of Alicante Open Data Portal starts with 90 new catalogues, added to the over 80 already available from


Logo_transparencia2Alicante. Thursday 8 October 2015

The five Valencian public universities have launched this morning their open data portals to show their "commitment to bring academic institutions to society", as stated by Jesús Pastor Ciurana, president of the University Miguel Hernández (UMH) in Elche and chairman of the Valencian Public Universities Conference (CRUPV).

Complying with national and regional regulations on transparency, the Valencian public universities have agreed some basic sections for the five portals which have been adapted to their own idiosyncrasies. The sections include: "Economic Information, Budgetary Information and Statistics", "Legal Information" and "Institutional, Organisational and Planning Information", through which citizens have access to the academic and administrative staff salaries, to subsidies and public aid granted by each university, to the annual budgets or fixed cash expenses and minor contracts.

Beyond the Spanish Transparency Act and the Valencian Government Transparency Act, the five Valencian public universities have expressed their willingness to continue working in their respective portals to expand their catalogues and display all the information published there. Access to this public information is open, on request, to any citizen that may require it.

 For the University of Alicante, this Open Data Portal goes beyond mere compliance with the law. This commitment involves a good governance model based on open data through the support of new technologies. The first initiative in this regard began with the launch of that started over a year ago with 80 open data catalogues on the University academic and research activity. The UA Open Data Portal contains 90 catalogues, other than the 80 previous ones, included under the section "Academic Information". The other sections added with this new Portal are economic, legal, and institutional and administrative information.



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