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Ximo Puig to inaugurate the academic year for Valencian universities at the University of Alicante's opening ceremony

Presidents of all Valencian universities and of the University of Murcia will attend 

Alicante, 14 September 2015

Ximo Puig, President of the Valencia Region Government, will inaugurate the 2015-2016 academic year for the Region of Valencia at the University of Alicante's opening ceremony. The event will take place next Wednesday 16 September, at the Universtiy Auditorium. The Presidents of all five public universities and the three private universities in the Region of Valencia will attend, and so will the President of the University of Murcia. 

A great number of academic, political and institutional representatives will be present at the ceremony, including the mayors of eight cities (Alicante, San Vicente, Cocentaina, Petrer, Biar, Alcoleja, Ontinyent and Albatera), and delegates from many other cities in the province. Together with members of the regional and provincial Parliaments, the event will also gather the Director-General for Universities, Research & Science at the Regional Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sports (Josefina Bueno), the Director-General for Social Responsibility at the Regional Ministry of Transparency, Responsibility, Social Self-Government Promotion, Participation and Cooperation (Josep Ochoa), and the Director-General of the Valencian Agency for Higher Education, Innovation & Public Services Evaluation and Forecast (Salvador Palazón).   

As tradition dictates, the University Registrar (Esther Algarra Prats) will lead off the ceremony by reading the 2014-2015 Academic Year Report, while an audiovisual presentation made by the General Foundation's Image Workshop is screened in the background. Afterwards, María Teresa Ruiz Cantero, professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the Faculty of Health Sciences, will teach the inaugural lecture, entitled "Gender-related Innovations in Public Health". 

The ceremony will end with speeches from the President of the Valencia Region Government and the President of the University of Alicante, Manuel Palomar, after which the academic year will be officially open. 

Live streaming of this event will be available. 



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