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The University of Alicante opens enrolment period for the entry preparation course for over 25's


Alicante, 24 September 20105

The University of Alicante launches, as in previous years and to establish working guidelines for students to prepare both the core and specific subjects making up the entry exam, the Orientation Course for the preparation of entry examninations for over 25's and over 45's. The registration period opens on Monday, 28 September and ends on 8 October, 2015. The course will tak eplace on Friday afternoons, starting from 16 October, 2015 and ending on 11 March 2016. The number of places is limited.

The course is organised in six working sessions for each of the twelve subjects, with the support of written learning material and updated information to make access to the University of Alicante UACloud easier and and help those students aged over 25 and 45 willing to apply for entrance examinations to assist them learn the contents and procedures of each of the subjects, both common and specific, as well as the structure of evaluation systems.

The launch of the initiative is implemented through the Admission and Promotion Office, assigned to the Office of the Vice President for Students. The sessions, with a total of nine hours for each subject -except for the text analysis- will be taught by lecturers from both the UA and Adult Education Centres. In order to assist and inform of the details of these exams, this Office plans the coordination of meetings with the lecturers from the Adult Education Centres (CFPA) who have been delivering these courses to prepare this group of students and with whom a closer collaboration is intended for the better performance of students this new academic year. Those attending these sessions are an important number of students who ultimately will decide to take these exams at the University.

Registered students will have the right to a UA Identification Card (TIU) that will allow them to access computing rooms and other on-campus services (sports, seminars, libraries, email address, etc.).



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