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A hundred entrepreneurs and social agents participate in the presentation of the 20th anniversary programme by the University of Alicante's Archaeological Foundation

Interim UA President Amparo Navarro emphasises the relevant interest of L'Alcudia archaeological site as a heritage asset as well as a source of economic generation



  Images of the meeting, visit to the archaeological site and book presentation


Elche. Tuesday, 19 April 2016

In order to strengthen the social, business and cultural presence and link it to the heritage value of the excavations, the University of Alicante has presented the activity programme to be carried out on the occasion of the celebration the 20th anniversary of the creation of the l'Alcudia Foundation at the site itself this morning. The activities, which will take place throughout the year, have started this morning with a meeting with business and social partners, promoted by the UA Social Council. Attendees were able to see the site first hand, as well as the interpretive centre and L’Alcudia Museum. During the presentation, which was prefaced throughout the morning, Interim UA President Amparo Navarro, wanted to share the university technology transfer and knowledge project (InnoUA) with entrepreneurs, which was created to link scientific advances with their implementation in the industrial and economic sector. Navarro stressed, in this regard the relevant interest of the archaeological site as a heritage asset as well as a source of economic generation in this type of tangible and intangible assets, such as the archaeological site and the knowledge it generates. Interim President pointed out that the importance of these excavations as they transcends the deposit of which in our institution, "as its true owner is mainly the society of Elche", she said. 


L'Alcudia Foundation archaeological site, cradle of the Iberian bust of the Dama de Elche, is the only one in Europe linked to a university which, in the words Foundation deputy director Alejandro Ramos "exponentially opens teaching, training and research options". Ramos appealed to the possible role of the business network of Elche in its raise of awareness and knowledge, as well as in the consolidation of an "emerging site" with great potential.


Activity programme

As stated by Director of Archaeological & Cultural Heritage Research Institute Sonia Gutierrez, the meeting and the activities planned for the event will focus on displaying the value of knowledge produced by the archaeological site. The first action has already begun sponsored by the Elche City Council that launched an exhibition dedicated to the site. Also, three doctoral theses are planned to be read with the exclusive theme of l'Alcudia, its findings and proposals of various actions linking the site with its surroundings. The activities also include a visiting programme with businesspeople, social and cultural agents, and society at large. Gutierrez highlighted the potential role this archaeological site that brings together the past, present and future of Elche, "a Roman city and a leading tourist resource." 


The programme also includes the signing of an ad-hoc collaboration agreement with the University Miguel Hernandez Lady of Elche Research Programme and the drafting of the guidelines for excavations with the involvement of different institutions to rule the future of the archaeological work at the site. The activities will be complemented with miscellaneous cultural activities including classical theatre plays that have been developed for some years by the Office for Culture, Sports and Language Policy, which will be performed during the month of July


A walk through history

The University of Alicante Publication Service presented the 2nd Edition of its research dissemination collection L’Ordit, under the title L’Alcudia de Elche, un paseo por la historia y el entorno (L'Alcudia of Elche, a walk through history and the surroundings). Coordinated by Professor in Archeology Lorenzo Abad, the work includes the findings of 23 authors in a well-cared edition with a wealth of images. The work, published in two editions, one in Spanish and one in Catalan, offers "broad brushstrokes of some of the most characteristic elements of ancient Ilici, first Iberian town and a Roman colony after that", as Abad pointed.



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