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New meeting with employment and self-employment at the University of Alicante

The on-campus hall in lecture building No. 3 will host over 60 information booths from companies, institutions, and training and employment services on Wednesday, 27 April.


Maraton_empleoAlicante. Friday, 22 April 2016

Over 60 informaton booths from comapnies,institutions, and training and employment services will take part in the University of Alicante 18th Employment & Self-Employment Marathon that will be held on 27 April at the hall of Lecture Building No. 3. The event was organised by the Office of the Vice President for Students, through our Career Development Office (GIPE) and Labour Market Integration Observatory as a meeting place for the dissemination of job opportunities and proposals, work placements and self-employment projects. This Marathon enables students, graduates, as well as local, national and foreign professionals to meet with employment and self-employment consulting firms.

This 18th edition will start on 27 April at 10 am with a visiting tour with leading authorities around the different information booths.



It is worth mentioning this year’s strong participation of companies and institutions going from 48 last year to 60, "a trend that reflects the economic recovery of our surrounding area", as stated by the organisers.

One more year, the Marathon hosts the Business Ideas Triathlon, a contest that seeks to stimulate the students’ creative ideas with three prizes of €300 each for the best innovative, the most enterprising and  the most feasible project, awarded by Telefónica Chair, Lysmon and Elche European Business & Innovation Centre (CEEI), respectively.

Also, international experts from job mobility portal EURES-SERVEF, along with UA Office for Asian-Pacific Relations, the European Voluntary Service and the UA Language Centre will offer a discussion panel on working and living overseas.

Over 3, 000 university students are expected to join us Wednesday and come to the Lecture Building No. 3 to get to know participating companies, leave their curriculum vitae and find out what the companies are looking for in their future professionals.

With the main goal of contributing to the students’ integration in the work marketplace, the UA booths and those from participating institutions offer comprehensive information to students on their career opportunities including self-employment, both in Spain and abroad.

The University of Alicante is especially committed to employability which is embodied in the development of projects such as UAemprende, "to enhance the student’s initiatives and provides them with training in enterprising skills and career development counseling",  as Vice President for Student Nuria Grané said. In this sense, the "Employment & Self-Employment Marathon is attracting more and more interest every year with greater participation of both UA students and graduates", she added.


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