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Sociology graduates ranked above national average for employability amongst Social Sciences degrees

According to latest Survey on the employability of university graduates (EILU) developed by INE

UA celebrates Sociology Day this Friday, April 29 with a lecture series to address employment opportunities and social awareness of the profession



Alicante. Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The University of Alicante celebrates the Sociology Day with an encouraging fact for the professionals in this field. According to the last survey on graduates employability (EILU-2014) designed by the Spanish Statistical Institute (INE), graduates in Sociology (in the Social Sciences field) are ranked above the employability national average, outscoring graduates in Law, Tourism and Journalism. In fact, according to general employability data, 74% of graduates are actively working.  

There are many areas in which a sociologist can work; however, the most common include  social intervention for the study of inequality and social exclusion, poverty, violence and peace, family, youth, gender, outhouse, migrations ... ; with public policies related to design, management and evaluation of projects, local development, participation, international cooperation, cultural and tourism management, employment, health, urban planning and the environment; and social research applied to opinion polls, consumption, electoral studies, strategies and marketing campaigns and communication, and quality systems, among others. 

Also, being a generalist type of education, graduates have many opportunities to specialise in sectors such as education, journalism, advertising, labour relations, human resource management, cooperation, social work, political activities and NGOs.


Sociology Day

With data displaying the great potential of these professionals, on Friday April 29, 2016, the Assembly Hall in the Building Germán Bernácer hosts the Sociology Day with a lecture series that will address the many employment opportunities, the social awareness of Sociology and its career opportunities, and the current situation of sociology in Spain.

Simultaneously, the 5th Conference on Education Sociology will be carried out from 9:30 am in the Faculty of Education Assembly Hall, devoted to reflect on education in gender equality and presented by three renowned speakers: Elena Simon, an expert in coeducation; Pilar Aguilar, expert in audiovisual analysis from a gender perspective and Mariano Fernandez Enguita, Professor in Education Sociology at the Complutense University of Madrid. 

The day before, on Thursday, 28 April 2016, at 12.30 pm, the University of Alicante Graduation Hall at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration hosts the 3rd lecture on the academic coordination of Sociology with participants from all Spanish universities. Following the dynamics of group work from previous experiences, this meeting will be discussing relevant aspects for the coordination of Sociology in Spanish Universities: accreditation of academic staff and undergraduate degrees, external traineeships, the presence of Sociology in secondary education, postgraduate education and the current lines of work of the Spanish Federation of Sociology. 

This year, the Sociology Day will be an ideal occasion to commemorates the 25th anniversary of the undergraduate degree Sociology at the University of Alicante, where past, present and future will come together in this year’s programme content.




File photo: participants in the Sociology Day 2015



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