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University of Alicante celebrates the Spanish Society of Immunology Conference at the Alicante Provincial Government Auditorium

María Blasco and Francisco Martínez Mojica are two of the speakers invited on 5, 6 and 7 May

The meeting will discuss the latest research and translational developments in the field of Immunology


Alicante. 29 April 2016

"Immunology and Health" is the motto of the 39th Spanish Society of Immunology Conference, organised by the same Society, the University of Alicante Department of Biotechnology and the Valencian Society of Immunology, to be held on 5, 6 and 7 May 2016 at the Alicante Provincial Government Auditorium (ADDA).

UA Department of Physiology, Genetics and Microbiology researcher and discoverer of CRISPR-Cas System Francisco J. Martínez Mojica will deliver the keynote address on "CRISPR-Cas: prokaryotic adaptive immunity, programmable genome editing, and beyond", on Thursday, 5 May at 1 pm. A total of four plenary lectures presented by internationally renowned experts are spread out through the conference. Ronald Germain will give his lecture at 7.30 pm the same day. Lorenzo Galluzzi will deliver the third plenary lecture on Friday, 6 May at 6.30 pm. The closing lecture will take place on 7 May, at 6.30pm and based on telomeres and the origin of the disease, delivered by María Blasco, researcher and Director of the National Centre of Cancer Research (CNIO), where she is head of the Telomeres and Telomerase Group.

The Conference will be the meeting point to provide an overview of the latest research and translational developments in the field of Immunology, both in the diagnostic and therapeutic field. Given the multidisciplinary nature of Immunology, it interacts very directly with a wide variety of scientific disciplines and health professionals. This is the case of the production of biological drugs that are going to modify very specific points of the immune system, such as Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis, diseases that have no cure so far, as stated by the Conference Chairman and UA Director of the Department of Biotechnology José Miguel Sempere. The result of this is the increase in the demand for professionals in Immunology, at the various spheres of the science/health field, that has been produced for some years now.

Transplantation immunology, immune deficiencies and control of this problem from birth, neuroinflammation, immunotherapy against HIV/AIDS, immune problems affecting reproduction, teaching innovation in immunology, auto-inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and Nanomedicine are some of the major issues that will be discussed at the meeting. A comprehensive programme that will be presented by over fifteen international speakers in a Conference with nearly five hundred participants registered. Ten discussion panels, ten symposia, workshops and group meetings will follow sequentially with English and Spanish used equally as the working languages. 

Prior to the Conference, in order to bring to Alicante society the relevance of vaccination in the population, a lecture on this topic will be given followed by discussion ("¿Por qué me tengo que vacunar?"). This  activity is organised by Club Información, for Wednesday, 4 May 2016 at 7 pm, at the venue of this newspaper in avenue Doctor Rico, 17 Alicante, with the collaboration of University of Alicante and the Spanish Society of Immunology.



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