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University of Alicante to launch its first international joint undergraduate degree with the University of Louisiana

The core subject of the programme launched by the Faculty of Economics is based on Business



Alicante. Friday, 23 December 2016 

So far and so close Representatives from the University of Alicante and the Northwestern State University de Louisiana (EEUU), are about to launch the joint undergraduate degree in Business, the first international degree for both institutions. The UA Governing Council unanimously approved in November  the implementation of this new educational proposal with the intention of increasing the expectations of students in the the Degree in Business Administration.

Other than the signing of the institutional agreement, several video conferences have been taking place during the last weeks which were attended by the deans of the two faculties involved, Juan Luis Nicolau and Margaret Kilcoyne from UA and College of Business and Technology of Louisiana respectively, Vice President for Studies Planning and Training Actions Enrique Herrero and Vice President for International Relations Juan Llopis,  as well as by Bartolomé Marco and Felipe Ruiz, Vice Deans for Business Administration and International Relations of the Faculty of Economics, respectively. On behalf of the University of Louisiana, Vice Presidents Marcus Jones and Vickie Gentry, as well as International Students Resources Centre Director Telba Espinoza-Contreras have participated, including lecturer Begoña Pérez Mira, one of the promoters of this project.

Exactly as the people from the University of Louisiana stated, "it is an extraordinary chance for students, teachers and professionals from both universities. In a job market where internationalisation is essential, it provides fantastic international experiences, key globalisation skills and partnerships that will enhance the educational project that our students do already receive".


Selection of applicants

One of the points of convergence of these meetings is the growing relevance of acquiring international training to face an increasingly globalised job market.

As a result of the agreement,the Faculty of Economics will select a maximum of three students a year who will attend their fourth year at Nothwestern State University and will finish their studies with two degrees: the undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Alicante and the Major in Business Administration by Northwestern State University, with all the advantages and recognitions that both institutions offer their graduates.
 On a reciprocal basis, the UA will host a maximum of three North American students that will be awarded both degrees in the same way.

The dean of Economics explained that "this joint undergraduate degree will not involve additional fees for our students, since they will only pay the regular registration fee at the University of Alicante". Also, as stated by UA Vice President for International Relations Juan Llopis, “students may be eligible for additional funding to cover their mobility”.

This project means a further step in bilingual teaching for the students of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences, who are now given the chance to study most of their courses in English. 

According to Nicolau, one of the strengths of this pioneering project is for it to enable students to "benefit firsthand from this extraordinary international experience, the academic and cultural aspects of the American university life while receiving a quality and prestigious education, which will undoubtedly bring a differentiating element to their academic background".

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