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University of Alicante hosts the 8th Conference of Psychology and Education with worldwide experts in cyberbullying, low academic achievement and violence

The Auditorium and Lecture Building No. 1 will host nearly a thousand experts from 33 countries on five continents 




Alicante. 10 June 2016

The University of Alicante will hold the 8th International Conference of Psychology & Education CIPE2016 at the Auditorium and Lecture Building No. 1 covering a comprehensive programme from 15 to 17 June 2016.The meeting will be attended by nearly 900 researchers from countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Latin America, adding up to the 33 countries on five continents who submitted over 1,000 papers and presentations on topics that education is facing today. 

Students with low academic achievement,, cyberbullying, school bullying, development, games and the role of grandparents will be the keynotes delivered by three international experts. Alfonso Echazarra, OCDE Analyst for the PISA Project at the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation –CERI- Paris, who will talk about low academic achievement of students in PISA: why they stay behind and how to help them succeed. Christina Salmivalli, from Turku University in Finland, expert in cyberbullying, school bullying and prevention. Salmivalli is the main researcher of the nationally and internationally awarded programme on antibullying assessment programme, Kiva, funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture which has been widely implemented in Finnish schools. Her lecture is entitled “Evidence-based prevention of bullying and cyberbullying with the KiVa antibullying program”.

Our third plenary speaker is Peter K. Smith, from Goldsmiths College, University of London, United Kingdom, coordinator of the European Network on bullying in schools and expert in bullying in schools, development,  the nature of play and the role of grandparents. His plenary lecture will be “Children's Play, Learning, and Development”.

Also, seven expert panels on “Neuroscience and education”; “Technology-supported learning”; “New learning environments: Towards an effective teaching”; “Intervention in learning difficulties and developmental disorders”; “Early intervention: Prevention of developmental and learning disorders”; “School life to prevent bullying, cyberbullying and other forms of violence”; and “Psychoeducational advice and guidance: current challenges”.

Among the speakers participating in the expert panel on “New learning environments: Towards an effective teaching”, it is worth mentioning the intervention of Geoff Petty, one of the leading teacher’s trainer in the United Kingdom and defender of the line of research "teaching based on evidence". Another outstanding internationally well-known lecturer participating in this expert panel is Ángela K. Salmon, lecturer at the International University of Florida and collaborator at Harvard University, expert in visibility and development of pre-school and primary children’s thinking; Salmon will also lead a practical workshop.

The UA Auditorium will be the venue where the keynotes and some expert panels will be held and the Lecture Building No. 1 will host the rest of lectures, practical workshops and panels. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

UA President Manuel Palomar, Regional Secretary for Education and Research Miguel Soler Gracia, Valencian Agency for Assessment and Prospective Director General Salvador Palazón, Scientific Association of Psychology and Education (ACIPE) Director General Juan Fernández, and Organising Committee Chairman and Professor Juan Luis Castejón will attend the conference inauguration ceremony on Wednesday, 15 June  at 10 am at the UA Auditorium.

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