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University of Alicante opens its own student forensic lab

Twelve hundred students attend each year the courses that will use the new premises devoted to the practical application of theory. 

A configurable space fully equipped with the required tools and technology 
to carry out all types of forensic analysis


Alicante. Friday, 7 October 2016

The University of Alicante inaugurated the new classroom for criminology practicals on Friday, 7 October. The space was designed for students to practice on all kinds of forensic evidence in their training stage. 

This new space opens its doors with the endorsement of Dr. Fernando Rodes, a lecturer at the University of Alicante and Head of the Medical Forensic Clinical of the Alicante Institute of Legal Medicine, who said at the opening ceremony that "this space will allow students to  implement theoretical knowledge in a classroom with everything they need for this purpose; a comfortable, configurable classroom with space for forensic evidence enabling students to simulate, for instance, the rise of the corpses”. 

Dean of the Faculty of Law, Pedro Femenía, pointed out that "the classroom has everything necessary to carry out its mission for the student practical training with some material given away by Dr Fernando Rodes himself to make them serve for such training".  

University President Manuel Palomar stressed the commitment of the University of Alicante for this type of practical-based sessions that "serve to promote the practical application of knowledge, allowing students to be better trained, with precedented examples such as the moot courtroom or the mapping room".  

Criminology students will perform forensic practical sessions, practice on human and animal bones and hairs, fibres, fingerprints, crime analysis techniques, psychogeographical offender profile, analysis of the crime scene, among other training techniques.  

The new student forensic lab hosted by the University of Alicante Faculty of Law will serve for the practical training of several courses of the Master’s in Criminal Investigation and Forensic Sciences; dual undergraduate degree in Law and Criminology; and the undergraduate degree in Criminology.  

The lab is adapted and fitted to the needs required for this type of practicals, with computer, projector, screen, sink with running water, microscopes, binocular loupes, silicone-made anatomical parts from the skeleton of several animals, forensic material such as a silicone human skeleton, measuring devices as osteometric tables, jawbone measuring devices, gauges, goniometers, craniophore, magnifying glasses, measuring tape, outside calipers, etc. 





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