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Popular science magazine QUO names UA lecturer Francis Mojica as one of the best researchers in Spain

The Spanish research elite will be honoured at a gala to be held on 4 October at the CSIC head office in Madrid


Alicante. Monday, 26 September 2016 

University of Alicante researcher and discoverer of the CRISPR-CAS technique, Francis Mojica, has just been elected to become a member of the Spanish Top Scientist Team, an initiative launched by the magazine QUO to pay tribute to scientists who work every day to a better future for all.

Throughout this year, a jury of eight prominent experts and personalities from the scientific world has chosen the twelve scientists who are part of the Spanish Top Scientist Team 2016. According to QUO, "they work in fields as diverse as transplant surgery, the Egyptology, ophthalmology, nanotechnology, genetics, oncology, AIDS, genetics, physics, biology and even oenology". 

Team members receive their T-shirts from the hands of some of the best athletes in the country at a gala to be held on 4 October at the CSIC main office in Madrid, where all Spanish scientists will honour. 

The QUO magazine, as part of the group Hearst Spain, issues this month an extensive report which includes the merits of these scientists. In the case of the interview devoted to the University of Alicante, QUO highlights that "his name may be eligible for the Nobel Prize since he has open the doors to a genetic revolution upon discovering the immune system acquired from bacteria and archaea and thus, making the immune system reprogramming easier". 


The 2016 Spanish Top Scientist Team consists of internationally renowned professionals in different areas:

-   Pedro Cavadas, a plastic surgeon specialising in transplants

-   Mariano Barbacid, a biochemist at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO)

-   Susana Marcos, director of CSIC Optics Institute  ‘Daza de Valdés’

-   Alberto Ruiz Jimeno, founder of IFCA high energies group

-   Laura M. Lechuga, a research professor at the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 

-   Francisco J. Martínez Mojica, a researcher at the University of Alicante and main researcher in the CRISPR scientific development

-   José Manuel Galán, Egyptologist and promoter of the project Djehuty

-   Juan José Gómez Cadenas, a IFIC researcher and director of the experiment Next

-   Carmen Martínez, director of the Viticulture Group in CSIC Biological Mission in Galicia

-   Mariano Esteban, President of the Royal Academy of Pharmacy 

-   Mara Dierssen, a researcher at the Center for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona

-   Miguel Delibes de Castro, a researcher at Doñana Biological Station 


Francisco J. Martínez Mojica, investigador de la Universidad de Alicante y científico en el desarrollo de CRISPR. Autor: Revista QUO

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