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The Women for Africa Foundation opens a call for undergraduate and graduate scholarships for African women

The University of Alicante collaborates in the “Learn Africa” initiative through undergraduate and graduate scholarships



Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Foundation has published the scholarships on its website, which can be applied for until 15 May only through its website. The University of Alicante has joined the initiative by granting undergraduate and PhD scholarships aimed at African women students and researchers through the Women for Africa Foundation "Learn Africa" project.

The agreement was signed on 30 January between University of Alicante President Manuel Palomar and Women for Africa Foundation Chairwoman Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega. In this first collaboration, the UA offers a postgraduate scholarship, which consists of one year of Master's studies and three years of PhD studies.

According to the UA president, this agreement "is perfectly framed in the philosophy of the University of Alicante and will help women to be educated to produce a greater return of knowledge, culture and commitment." Women for Africa has two leading programmes, one for universities and the "Women in Research" for senior women researchers, in which start-up UA honorary Dr. Maria Blasco participated.


Learn Africa

The programme, launched by the Women for Africa Foundation, is intended to promote knowledge transfer and empowering undergraduate and graduate African women through scholarships at the Spanish universities collaborating with this action, as it is the case of the University of Alicante.

Thanks to these scholarships, the selected students can complement their university education in our country, and then invest what has been learned to benefit their communities, thus contributing to the advancement of African societies. The scholarships have been funded by the universities participating in the programme - all of them members of the Spanish University Presidents Council (CRUE) - and they cover round trips, academic and tuition fees, accommodation, maintenance and medical insurance.

The requirements for accessing these scholarships are: to be a woman and to have the nationality of an African country, other than being enrolled in an African university or holding a university degree issued by an African country. Holding an undergraduate degree is required for postgraduate scholarships. The required qualification may vary depending on the scholarship requested, as well as meeting the specific requirements envisaged for each of the programmes offered.


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