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University of Alicante researcher Javier García awarded for the best Spanish innovation in the US



Alicante. Thursday, 08 June 2017

University of Alicante researcher from the Department of Inorganic Chemistry and Director of the Molecular Nanotechnology Laboratory (NANOMOL) Javier García has just been presented the 2017 Spanish Best Innovation Award in science and technology in the US. The Award, presented with the context of the  2nd Joint Meeting of Spanish Scientists in the US, offers the opportunity to travel to Madrid to present a project at Fundación Telefónica and make yourself known in the Spanish scientific and technological community.

This has been one of the most significant events in the meeting organised by Spanish Scientists in the United States (ECUSA) and FECYT held from 2 to 4 June at the Institute of Technology in Masachussets, MIT. Boston has been the setting for the latest innovations in science and technology of Spanish researchers working in the US with the aim of fostering synergies among the professionals science and technology, as well as exploring new opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration. The event is also intended to promote communication between the Spanish scientific community in the United States and Spanish and US public and private organisations.

Founder of MIT's technology-based company, Rive Technology, Javier García is also a member of the Valencia Region High Advisory Council and of the World Economic Forum Nanotechnology Council. He combines his entrepreneurial activity with research as a University of Alicante professor in inorganic chemistry and director of the Molecular Nanotechnology Laboratory.

TBF Rive Technology has secured over $80 million in venture capital investment and employs more than 40 people. Since 2012, the catalysts marketed by the company have been already used in several US refineries by significantly increasing fuel production and energy efficiency.  

From NANOMOL, he works in the manufacture of nanomaterials for energy applications. He is the inventor of 20 patents, the majority in commercial application and author of a good number of articles and books such as "The Chemical Element" and "Chemistry Education". In 2005, Javier García received the European medal, which is annually awarded to the best European chemist under 35 years and a year later, he was awarded the European Young Chemist Award. In 2007, MIT's Technology Review selected him as one of the most innovative young researchers of his generation.

Among other recognitions, the UA researcher of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry was awarded the Jaime I Award in New Technologies in 2014 and, in 2015, he was the first Spaniard to receive the “Emerging Researcher Award”awarded by the American Chemical Society.


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