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A small Roman Venus discovered while working on the Project Domus excavations at La Alcudia archaeological site




Alicante. 1 March 2017

A bone-made 8.5cm height figurine depicting a naked woman covered with a shawl on her left shoulder has been discovered while working on the Project  Domus - La Alcudia. Vivir en Ilici, whose archaeological excavations begun some days ago in Elche. The Roman figurine seems to symbolise a female goddess that should have been about about 12 inches high if its feet and head were not cut off. With this find, the research team has been rewarded after having begun excavations in little more than a week.

The discovery depicts a Venus-like naked woman with a shawl on her left shoulder. These types of figures had to be part of Roman home dowries in the area that used to appear in small altars built in the Roman houses, either to worship to home deities or as personal belongings in aristocratic residences. However,  this and other significant findings have been frequently found at this archaeological site that give us evidence of the occupation levels of the last historical phase detected in La Alcudia. It has been so far represented by plundering graves and the relevant landfills from 7th to 8th centuries, associated to the first use levels and first structures, predictably from earlier times but inhabited and restructured at this time.

Excavations carried out in the northeastern area of the site reveal what the site's recent work has suggested in other areas, that is, the late phases of the city are of great power and contain materials from a varying chronology, mixed with the materials proper from the plundering, use and frequency phases in ancient and medieval times.

Domus - La Alcudia. Vivir en Ilici is a project from theUA-INAPH Archaeology & Heritage Institute, financed by the University of Alicante Programme for R&D+i Promotion 2016.

Photos courtesy of La Alcudia.


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