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UA opens seven new teaching labs in line with the best European universities

Located in the Chemical Technology Centre (CTQ) at the Faculty of Sciences, they will allow students to work with dissolutions of all kinds, with plant material, fungi, animals, soils and rocks, as well as with specialised instrumentation



 Images of the labs and presentation ceremony


Alicante. Thursday, 23 March 2017

Since this morning, the University of Alicante owns seven new laboratories to strengthen both teaching quality and practical training in the courses taught in its undergraduate degrees. With an area of over 800 m², the labs are located along the three floors of the Chemical Technology Centre (CTQ) assigned to the  Faculty of Science. These UA labs are ranked in line with the facilities of the best Spanish and European universities and have been designed to ensure the most appropriate training required for the University of Alicante practical courses in existing and future undergraduate degrees, as stated by Faculty of Science Dean Luis Gras during the inaugural speech.

“With the inauguration of these new labs with a state-of-the-art scientific infrastructure, we have made progress in our policy of continuing to respond to the demands of lecturers and researchers from all UA centres, as we have already done in the University institutes and faculties of Law and Health Sciences”, UA President Manuel Palomar said. "The University of Alicante is a living asset that must adapt to new forms of educational consumption," he added.

Currently, the Faculty of Science has a lab park available with thirteen differently equipped premises. On the one hand, two of the new laboratories located in the basement of the CTQ allow students to work with solutions and all kinds of reagents and assemblies, so that they offer higher technology when it comes to furniture and security.

On the other hand, the three laboratories on the ground floor and another on the first, are suitable for working with plant material, fungi, animals, soils and rocks. Finally, the facilities are completed with a laboratory to work with specialised instrumentation, such as optical equipment (microscopes and magnifiers) located on the first floor, as well as a room for instrumentation and an office for the staff of the laboratory unit.

“The teaching labs are centralised and managed by the Faculty of Science, which is highly appropriate for the economic and human resources optimisation, as well as for the implementation of suitable work routine among students, simulating a cross-curricular environment of good practice. Also, unlike what happens with other educational infrastructures, such as classrooms or computer rooms, the teaching laboratories necessarily have an impact on the quality of teaching," as explained by Gras.

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