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Alicante could become the Silicon Valley of gastronomy and tourism if we focus on quality assurance training

Michelin-star chefs in the province believe that “training” will be the key to defining the threshold of gastronomic leadership

The meeting on the University and gastronomy highlights the relevance of the sector as strategic for economic and social development





Tuesday, 16 May 2017 

The meeting on gastronomy as a business benchmark and tourist attraction gathered together more than three hundred people to follow the five panel discussions that have been organised. Top professionals and experts in the sector participated in them on Monday, with the best pastry chef in the world, Paco Torreblanca, and Michelin-star chefs in the province, such as Kiko Moya, Alberto Ferrúz, María José San Román and Susi Díaz, among many others.

Throughout an intensive day that began at  9 am and finished at 7 pm, the speakers agreed on the relevance of the sector to the local economy with an extraordinary demand of workforce, both nowadays and in the future. "Training will be a key factor that determines who we are and where we want to go", as two Michelin-star chef Kiko Moya from L'Escaleta in Cocentaina said, who also added that "Alicante could become the Silicon Valley of the tourism and the catering industry, as long as we invest in training and research. 

Head of Research & Development Joan Viñallonga, from Helados Alicante, stressed the relevance of the relationship between this sector and the University, as "we have always used it – the University – when there has been a problem and we have needed to solve it. However, more stable connections are required for us to use them in all conditions."

All the speakers highlighted the raw material offered by Alicante to lead the gastronomic tourism sector from high quality products. UA President Manuel Palomar opened the meeting stating that "Gastronomy provides a strategic value for local economic and social development, by expressing the identity of a particular region with the senses." Assuming the University of Alicante social responsibility, he ensured the initiative lays the foundations of a strong commitment in the training of new professionals in gastronomy.



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