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The Erasmus+ KA107 Programme, run by the European Commission, gives the UA a 20% increase in funding compared to last year

All projects submitted by the UA have been approved thanks to their quality, making it the most competitive university in Latin America and Spain’s only university with an approved project in New Zealand

The UA was funded with €31,000 for the first time in 2016, rising to €330,000 in 2017 and €391,000 this year

These funds will increase the mobility of students (40 places under this programme next year), faculty (37) and admin staff (28)




Alicante. Tuesday 24 July 2018

The Erasmus+ KA107 European Programme has just made this year's decision (2018) public with an excellent outcome for the University of Alicante. Thanks to the high quality of the projects submitted by the UA Office of the Vice President for International Relations, our university has managed to meet this programme's stringent requirements, resulting in a funding allocation of  €391,000.

UA Vice President Juan Llopis and Director of International Mobility Antonio Galiano explained that the UA received funds for this programme for the first time in the academic year 2015/2016, with an aid of €31,000, followed by €330,000 in 2017 and €391,000 this year, “which involves a 20% increase compared to the funds granted last year,” they confirmed.

These funds will increase the international mobility of UA students (40 places next year), faculty (37) and admin staff (28), with 105 places in total: "This is excellent news for the UA, given the EU's high level of competitiveness and demand for the granting of these international mobility grants," Juan Llopis stated.

Highlights this year include the UA's competitiveness in Latin America, as the assessment committee has approved all the projects submitted by our university in this region: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico and Peru. Furthermore, no Spanish university other than the UA has an approved project (14 places) in New Zealand.

Vice President Juan Llopis points out that these funds “will allow us to secure and establish agreements, for instance on dual degrees, such as those in Brazil and the USA. Other agreements are already in place in Iran, Malaysia and New Zealand, we have new agreements in South Africa, and we should also mention Algeria and Tunisia, with which the UA has had agreements for years. All these initiatives fall within the internationalisation guidelines included in the Strategic Plan of this institution, led by President Manuel Palomar.”  Llopis and Galiano argue that “thanks to these funds, we will strengthen our relations with strategic partners and promote teaching and research projects outside the EU involving UA knowledge areas and departments, thus creating a culture based on interdepartmental cooperation.”

Both explain that the work carried out by the UA Mobility Office and the support of the faculties have been crucial in achieving these excellent results, since the project is closely connected to the type of activity to be developed in the host country. The assessment committee of this international mobility programme is highly demanding and the proposals submitted have been selected according to the following criteria: relevance of the strategy, quality of cooperation mechanisms, quality of project design and implementation, and impact and dissemination.

As for the K103 funding programme, aimed at encouraging student, faculty and admin staff mobility in the EU, the UA has received €1,100,000. Mr Llopis states that our university also provides its own funding to support UA members’ international mobility. The total funds, including those awarded by other institutions, amount to over €1,500,000.



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