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University of Alicante reaffirms commitment to gender equality on International Women's Day

Miguel Lorente received the Gender Equality Award 2018 from the UA president during a ceremony held at the University of Alicante Museum




Alicante. Wednesday 7 March 2018

The University of Alicante has hosted a wide range of events to mark International Women’s Day, including a ceremony where the Gender Equality Award was granted to Miguel Lorente, doctor in Medicine, expert in Surgery, and a forensic physician since 1988. Moreover, Mr Lorente holds a Master’s Degree in Bioethics and Medical Law and is a senior lecturer in Legal Medicine, Toxicology and Legal Anthropology at the University of Granada.

UA president Manuel Palomar, who presented the award, described Mr Lorente as “a national and international model who has made great contributions to the struggle for gender equality and the elimination of gender-based violence” and pointed out that “this is a well-deserved Gender Equality Award, recognising someone whose values are fully in line with those upheld by the University of Alicante”.

Mr Palomar started his address by congratulating Mavi Mestre, new President of the over 500-year-old University of Valencia – and the first woman president of a Valencian university. The UA president stated that at the University of Alicante “gender gaps have been reduced thanks to the gender equality plans implemented over the last years, although actions are still needed to further encourage and accelerate this trend”. He also thanked María José Rodríguez, vice president for Corporate Social Responsibility, Inclusion and Gender Equality, for her work, involving “equality policies which make us aware of reality and impel us to act globally and efficiently”.

The vice president, who opened the ceremony at the MUA, highlighted the ten years of gender equality policies at the University of Alicante and said she feels “lucky for the privilege of working at an institution which has endorsed gender equality policies and approved pioneering regulations on these matters”. Ms Rodríguez referred to the members of the last two Governing Councils and commended them for their “active role to put the spotlight on gender issues through specific actions and initiatives which have turned gender equality into a comprehensive policy”.


Gender Equality Award 2018

The speech in praise of Miguel Lorente was delivered by Edgar Martorell, president of the Student Council, as this was the body which first nominated Miguel Lorente for the Gender Equality Award.

After receiving the award, Mr Lorente explained that “the University of Alicante is a model for our work at the University of Granada’s Gender Equality Office”, and was surprised at “the many high-quality actions undertaken over the last ten years”.

The new UA Gender Equality Award recipient expressed his gratitude for the award, especially for the “Student Council’s initiative, as it is a look forward to the future they represent”. Mr Lorente emphasised that “what we have achieved is but the outline of equality. Equality does not exist and, in that case, we have to bring its absence under focus, particularly when those of us who are working on it are questioned. We must be proactive, and universities’ role is essential”.

Miguel Lorente pointed out that “22% of Spanish women are victims of violence every year”, that “10% of our childhood is spent in environments where violence is the common language in the family” and, finally, that “with this recognition, you have given me life and more reasons to keep my commitment”.



Once the speeches and the awards ceremony were over, the University of Alicante hosted Mulïer, a show by the Valencian company Maduixa Creacions where five female dancers explored physical limits by means of dancing, balance, movement, poetry, strength and emotions.

Women are at the core of the show, expressing the need to delve into female identity through body language, with a focus on image, visual poetry and storytelling to spark the audience’s feelings.

This show pays tribute to the women who for centuries have fought and keep fighting to keep their wild self alive, who claim their right to dance and run freely in our society.



VIDEO - 2018 International Women's Day Gala

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