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Michelin-star chefs in the province join University of Alicante Gastronomy Project


Alicante. 26 March 2018

Today, the province’s chefs with greater national and international profile have joined the University of Alicante Gastronomy Project. After signing a collaboration agreement, Kiko Moya, chef and owner of L'Escaleta Restaurant (Cocentaina); Alberto Ferruz, chef at Bon Amb Restaurant (Xàbia); María José San Román, chef at Monastrell Restaurant (Alicante), Susi Díaz, chef and owner of La Finca Restaurant (Elche); Nazario Cano, chef at El Rodat Restaurant (Xàbia); Rafa Soler, chef at Audrey's Restaurant (Calpe) and Quique Dacosta, have signed up for the strategic proposal of the University of Alicante in terms of gastronomy.

The Gastronomy project, which has been presented at an institutional event today, includes both undergraduate and graduate formal training, focusing on research and scientific studies, dissemination, social and economic revitalisation ... as well as on creating strategic partnerships that enables this key sector in the province to grow, as project managers explained.

In the academic domain, the National Agency for Quality Assessment (ANECA) has already accredited the undergraduate degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts that will start the next academic year. Accordingly, the UA is polishing the details to present the Mediterranean Gastronomic Centre in Denia, a proposal that will bring together teaching activities, R&D+i projects and extracurricular activities.

The Mediterranean Gastronomic Centre in Denia, recently approved by the UA Governing Council, represents the interests of several organisations with the aim of interrelating cooking, art, science, economy, management and tourism, among others. A partnership between the University of Alicante, the Valencia Region Government through its Tourism Agency, and the Denia City Council has been signed. The Centre will host the UA Master's Degree in Rice and Applied Mediterranean Haute Cuisine which will feature leading Michelin-star chefs, both for its theoretical and practical teaching courses.

In parallel, the Carmencita Research Chair in Gastronomic Taste Studies  directed by University of Alicante Professor in Medicine Josep Bernabéu, has also been launched.  Its objective is to develop activities related to research, dissemination, awareness, training and the promotion of healthy eating through the advancement of knowledge, development and innovation in the field of gastronomy sciences and culinary arts. 

According to UA President Manuel Palomar, the central part of this macro project is to involve both the University of Alicante and all the agents that are part of this gastronomy core strategy. "That is why it is essential to have the leading chefs and masters of the Alicante gastronomy involved in the project. We are very proud to be able to count on your contribution,  not only to implement the undergraduate and Master’s degrees, but also any other teaching and research activity”, UA President said while addressing the chefs.

According to External Relations Manager and coordinator of the University of Alicante Gastronomy Project Ana Laguna, "we have been working on this major project for more than a year and a half, involving all sectors linked to gastronomy such as companies, associations, teaching staff, researchers, chefs, institutions ... to achieve maximum excellence in every way".

As the culmination of this institutional meeting, and in order to thank the effort and commitment, the UA President presented a sculpture by artist from Altea Pepe Azorín to the Michelin-star chefs.

In addition to the Michelin stars, the event has bien attended by the entire UA government team, deans from the UA faculties, as well as the chairperson and secretary of the Social Council and representatives of the UA Centre for Continuing Education, among others. For scheduling reasons, Quique Dacosta and Rafa Soler who are in Budapest at a gastronomic event, have not been able to attend our meeting. Diamante Hotel Assistant Manager Andrés Frencheli attended the meeting in the name of Soler, whose restaurant is located in this hotel premises.



In the group photo, from left to right:

Nazario Cano, from El Rodat (Xàbia)

Maria José San Román, from Monastrel (Alicante)

Alberto Ferruz, from Bon Amb (Xàbia)

Susi Díaz, from La Finca (Elche)

Kiko Moya, from L'Escaleta (Cocentaina)

Andrés Frencheli, in the name of Rafa Soler, from Audrey's (Calpe)

Manuel Palomar, University of Alicante President




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