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University of Alicante Social Council Awards to be presented on Tuesday

The EUIPO welcomes a gala in which 21 awards in 11 categories will be presented


Alicante Tuesday, May 15, 2018


The University of Alicante Social Council celebrates its annual awarding ceremony this evening in the EUIPO Auditorium at 8 pm. A total of 21 people will be awarded in eleven different categories, including academic performance, career paths, sports merits, social and university involvement, volunteering, and research and sponsorship at the University of Alicante. 

In the field of sponsorship, the Social Council awards the Valencian Government with the Institutional Research Chair Award through the Ministry of Transparency and Social Responsibility for its collaboration with the University of Alicante in the Research Chair for Social Responsibility. The Sponsorship Training Award falls to the Carolina Foundation for training of students through different programmes and scholarships and the Research Sponsorship Award is presented to Hidraqua for its involvement and collaboration in financially supporting university research. The Art and Cultural Sponsorship Award falls to Vectalia for its commitment to artistic and cultural activities carried out by the University of Alicante and, in particular, sponsoring the UA Philharmonic Orchestra since 2013. Also, the Banco Sabadell Foundation will be the responsible for collecting the Special Sponsorship Award for its continued contribution, in different fields, to the University of Alicante over the years. 

The European Union of Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) will receive the award for university involvement. An award that recognises the collaboration of the European body based in Alicante with the University of Alicante since its creation in 1994 and especially through the Master's Degree in Industrial and Intellectual Property (Magister Lucentinus) and the UA's university venues will be the awarded by the Social Council in the category of social involvement. The award is given in recognition of a university extension model, with 12 venues and 17 lecture halls for knowledge, research and university culture to be transferred to Alicante society. 

The Social Council will present the Research Award to UA professor and PhD in Mathematics Carmen Herrero, an award that seeks to recognise special research merits and a path linked to excellence whose common ground is implied concern for social problems, especially those related to equity, social welfare and health economics. A special recognition for honorary University of Alicante President Professor Antonio Gil Olcina has been given for his teaching and research career, which includes, among other merits more than 250 publications, 200 of these as the only author, whose contribution in matters such as climate, fluvial regimes, the historical evolution of spaces and societies, agrarian activities, water management, hydrological planning and its evolution, geography an historical cartography has been fundamental for society. 

The University Volunteering Award goes to the University of Alicante  Volunteering Programme: Contigo + UA. An award granted to a programme promoted by the Office of the Vice President of Social Responsibility, Inclusion and Equality for its contribution to the promotion of social commitment and community actions within the university. 

The Alicante Provincial Council Tax Agency, SUMA, receives the Employability Award in recognition of its commitment to university employment through its business practices and the AlumniUA Award will be given to former University of Alicante students Dolores Mejía (in the senior category) and Sonia Parres (in the junior), both graduates in Chemistry. The award that recognises the outstanding professional career that Mejía has led in Mercalicante general management and Parrés in ExxonMobil chemical research department.


The University Sports Awards, which recognise the sports career, fall to University of Alicante women's volleyball team coach Lamberto Villalón, with a career in which he has accumulated an extensive track record since 2002, and to UA triathlon team, founded in 2008 with the aim of training athletes comprehensively by combining the academic activity with the demands involved in the preparation and performance for high level sport.


The gala will also serve to deliver the Student Academic Performance Awards of 2016-2017 academic year to the following students: Beatriz Martínez Sánchez (Polytechnic School - Degree in Chemical Engineering), Raquel Linares Fernández (Faculty of Sciences - Degree in Biology)[ ], Mª Elvira Francés Trinidad (Faculty of Health Sciences - Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics), Pedro Fernández García (Faculty of Economics and Business Studies - Degree in Economics), Carolina Rubio Muñoz (Faculty of Law - Degree in Labor Relations and Resources Humans), Ángel Jorge Vilaplana Camus (Faculty of Education - Degree in Teacher in Infant Education) and Alain Iñíguez Egido (Faculty of Philosophy and Literature - Degree in Spanish: Language and Literature).






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