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University of Alicante to fund three projects through UACROWD

UA President has presented the UA crowd-funding project focused on supporting and boosting research, entrepreneurship and social action by raising funds to launch projects promoted by the university community




Alicante, Wednesday, 14 November 2018


The University of Alicante has committed to crowd-funding by selecting three projects  in research, entrepreneurship, social and cultural innovation, and cooperation to promote them through the new platform UACROWD that has been presented today.

UA President Manuel Palomar and Vice President for Corporate Social Responsibility, Inclusion and Gender Equality María José Rodríguez, responsible for bringing this project to life, have presented the initiative to the university community in a ceremony held at the multimedia room in the UA Council and Administration building.

According to president Palomar, other than promoting creativity, the initiative seeks to strengthen the positioning and social role of the University of Alicante".

UACROWD is a web platform that will not only promotes the development of crowd funding campaigns, dissemination of selected projects and their online management, but also guarantees specialised advice required for the implementation of this innovative and creative collective funding strategy in our university, as he added.

The Vice President for Corporate Social Responsibility explained the advantages of having a platform of their own, which allows more flexibility in the themes of the projects presented for being able to request financial aid or different types of collaborations and more flexible deadlines for campaigns, among others.

The only requirement is that the project to be submittedmust be led by a member of the university staff, so that UACROWD can help them prepare and launch the campaign.

In this sense, the UA president insisted that the UA crowd-funding platform is conceived as a system to promote innovative projects with ability to involve the university community in their development processes, which goes beyond money because contributors can become partners, participants and even decision makers of innovative proposals.

Also, María José Rodríguez, remarked that this project, that has come to light today, is the result of the commitment of the governing team to explore new funding ideas.

The Vice President also stated that it is the result of two-year's work, where a discussion forum about this funding model associated with the participation processes and the university community was carried out.

She also recalled that it was the university community itself that named and designed the logo for the web platform to manage future projects on line.

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