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Alicante and Alcoy to host International Conference "Juan Gil-Albert's Vibrations" in 2019

The conference, organised by the Mario Benedetti Centre for Ibero-American Studies and the Juan Gil-Albert Culture Institute, will bring together several generations of specialists in the Alcoy-born author to mark the 25th anniversary of his death



Alicante. Wednesday 31 October 2018

The Alicante Provincial Council’s Juan Gil-Albert Culture Institute and the University of Alicante's Mario Benedetti Centre for Ibero-American Studies (CEMAB) have announced the International Conference “Juan Gil-Albert’s Vibrations: The Fascination of Resolve”, to be held in Alicante on 3, 4 and 5 April 2019 and in Alcoy on 6 April. This will be the main event marking the 25th anniversary of the death of the Alcoy-born author (1904-1994), also supported by Alcoy Town Council.

The conference was announced by provincial MP for Culture and Alicante Provincial Council deputy president César Augusto, UA vice president for Culture, Sports and Languages Carles Cortés, Juan-Gil Albert Culture Instiute director José Ferrándiz Lozano and UA Hispanic American Literature professor José Carlos Rovira, Mr Ferrándiz and Mr Rovira also as academic co-directors.

Royal Spanish Academy member and poet Francisco Brines, a leading figure from the Generation of ‘50 and a friend and supporter of Gil-Albert’s during his comeback in the 1970s, has accepted to chair the conference. The opening lecture, titled “Gil-Albert, escritor exquisito y total”, will be delivered by writer Luis Antonio de Villena.

In addition to Luis Antonio de Villena, the conference will feature 16 more speakers belonging to several generations of researchers, from those who played an active role in Gil-Albert's comeback as a published author in the 1970s and 1980s to more recent experts, as well as specialists who started their studies on Gil-Albert around 2004, the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Guillermo Carnero, Jaime Siles, Manuel Aznar, José Carlos Rovira, Pedro J. de la Peña, Ricard Bellveser, Juan Cano Ballesta, Ángel Luis Prieto de Paula, Annick Allaigre-Dunny, María Paz Moreno, Claudia Simón, José Ferrándiz Lozano, Pedro García Cueto and Manuel Valero will be in the programme, along with playwright Alberto Conejero and film-maker Juan Luis Iborra, director of the film Valentín (2003), based on Gil-Albert’s novel of the same name, which will be screened at the conference.

There will be a dramatised reading of texts by actor Toni Misó at Villa Vicenta, the family house in El Salt where Gil-Albert wrote some of his works, the last day. The list of activities may include book launch events.

A call for papers has also been launched as part of the conference. Proposals should be submitted by 9 January 2019 through the conference's website. A scientific committee made up of representatives from Spanish, French, Italian, US and Chilean universities will assess and accept or reject the proposals.

Lectures will take place at Casa Bardín (which houses the Juan Gil-Albert Culture Institute), the Alicante City University Venue and the UA’s Alcoy campus.



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