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UA Social Council presented awards for excellence and commitment to the University of Alicante

Representatives of all sectors of society meet at the third edition of the awards, held last night at EUIPO


Images: 1- Photo of prize-winners and authorities at the Social Council gala, 2- Manuel Palomar, Cristina Rodes, Adolfo Utor and Aránzazu Calzada, 3- Adolfo Utor, 4- Ximo Puig, 5- Manuel Palomar


Alicante, 05 April 2019

In the 3rd edition of these awards, the University 2019, Social Council aims to repay outstanding career trajectories in the academic, cultural and professional scopes, in sponsorship, research, employability, sports and volunteering, by companies, institutions and individuals who have excelled in their respective fields.

Representatives of all sectors of society met at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) at the 3rd Edition of the University of Alicante Social Council Awards, which were presented to 23 people.

Coincidentally, University of Alicante Social Council former chairman Francisco Gómez Andreu, received an honourable mention this year by UA President Manual Palomar.

The gala was moderated by University of Alicante Social Council Secretary Aránzazu Calzada, who quoted the verse of poet Virgilio’s Eneida; “Fortune favours the bold”.

Actually, it takes a certain boldness to learn and to undertake something, to take on challenges, to fail and to overcome oneself, it takes boldness to dedicate one's whole life to study, to a profession, to an enterprise, to reach a goal or to pursue a dream, she continued.

This was the first public event of Adolfo Utor as the University of Alicante Social Council chairman, who presented the Academic Career Award to former UA president Salvador Ordóñez.

In his speech, Adolfo Utor described the Social Council as "a catalyst" of the University relevance in a society where digital immersion and artificial intelligence are unstoppable.  He also defended the sustainable economic development model,  as well as transparency and the United Nations Development Goals as a roadmap.

Valencian Government President Ximo Puig presented the award to UA student volunteering at La Mar Solidaria, in the category of University Volunteers. The president insisted on investing in the university as a way of investing in the future, stating that society and university must continue to work together in the same direction.

The Carmencita Research Chair in Gastronomic Taste Studies, represented by Carmencita’s General Manager Jesús Navarro Alberola, received the Institutional Research Chair Award. The award was presented by UA Director for Community Outreach Ana Laguna

EUIPO executive director Christian Archambeau began the awards ceremony with the presentation of the University Involvement Award, which has gone this year to Casa Mediterráneo and was collected by Javier Hergueta. The Social Council's Academic Affairs Committee presented the Social Involvement Award to  director of UA Lifelong Learning programme Concha Bru (from its creation in 2001 until the beginning of the year), and chairman of the Alicante Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation Juan Bautista Riera, presented the Employability Award to Verne Group Executive Manager Gianni Cecchin;  and University of Alicante Professor Francis Mojica to Francisco Rodríguez Reinoso, for his contribution to Research

 Excellent students and alumni were also awarded. Alumni Carmina Díaz Marín (head of the Alicante General Hospital Neurology Service), and José Antonio Gutiérrez Navarro (head of the University Hospital of Elche Emergency Service) received their awards from Francisco Sogorb (cardiologist and university lecturer) and from María Isabel Moya (chairwoman of the Alicante Professional Association of Physicians).

Pharmaceutical technical director of Pompadour Ibérica Natividad Osés presented another Alumni award for Gala Gil Amat, which was collected by her mother, Pillar Amat.

Also, as is usual since the creation of these awards, the University of Alicante Social Council has rewarded those students with the best record in the category of Academic Performance.

The students were presented their awards by the following UA members: Department of Contemporary Humanities Director Mª Josefa Pastor Alfonso; Department of Genetic Physiology Josefa Antón Botella; Professor in Company Law Nuria Fernández Pérez; Department of Sociology I Director María Jiménez Delgado; Director of the Department of Developmental Psychology and Didactics Raquel Gilar Corbí; acting Dean at the Faculty of Health Sciences Rosa Ferrer Diego;  Dean of the Ingenieros de Telecomunicación Carolina Pascual Villalobos.

Chairman of the Valencian Confederation in Alicante Perfecto Palacio presented the Sports Award to Olympic medalist Juan Escarré, and so coach of Elche Football club José Rojo Martín 'Pacheta' did to the players of the UA Women's Volleyball Team.

UA Science Park Manager Olga Francés presented the Research Sponsorship Award to Bioithas; Bankia Regional Director presented the Education Sponsorship Award to the Villa Universitaria Manager Eduardo del Temple, and Social Council Community Outreach Committee chairwoman Cristina Rodes presented the Artistic and Cultural Sponsorship Award to to Cajamar, represented by its territorial director Manuel Nieto.




Casa Mediterráneo



UA Lifelong Learning Programme



Verne Group



Francisco Rodríguez Reinoso



Gala Gil Amat

José Antonio Gutiérrez Navarro and Carmina Díaz Marín



María Alfaro Contreras (Polytechnic School- Undergraduate Degree in Sound and Image Engineering in Telecommunications)

Mónica Abellán Zárate (Undergraduate Degree in Biology- Undergraduate Degree in Biology)

Laura Miralles Amorós (Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud – Grado en Nutrición Humana y Dietética)

Rodrigo Ramis Moyano (Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences- Undergraduate Degree in Sociology)

Germán Martínez Fajardo (Faculty of Law- Undergraduate Degree in Public Management and Administration)

María de la Asunción Torregrosa Díaz (Faculty of Education– Undergraduate Degree in Primary Education)

Raquel Rocamora Montenegro (Faculty of Arts – Undergraduate Degree in Spanish Language and Literatures)



Juan Escarré Urueña

UA Women's Volleyball Team



UA students at La Mar Solidaria



Carmencita Research Chair in Gastronomic Taste Studies



Bioithas S.L.



Cajamar Caja Rural



Villa Universitaria Residence Halls



Salvador Ordóñez Delgado



Francisco Gómez Andreu


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