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NASA and MIT connected with UA through Zero Robotics, an international robotics programming tournament

The SPHERES robot satellites, programmed by the astronauts of the International Space Station (ISS), are competing this afternoon with programs developed by 50 teams from all over the world



Alicante. 28 January 2019

Zero Robotics ISS Finals 2019, an international robotics tournament organised by  NASA and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has just started at University of Alicante. The opening ceremony has given way to the presentation of the participating teams, broadcast live by video-streaming. This same connection system will be used with the International Space Station and the UA. Through this connections from Alicante, Sidney (Australia) and Boston (United States) the teams of students who have joined the tournament have been greeting each other.  

Antonio Martínez-Álvarez is the Spanish coordinator of the tournament and chairman of the event local committee. He is also a senior lecturer at the UA Polytechnic School Department of IT and Computing and has explained the operation of the tournament and has regarded the experience of hosting this international event by the UA as highly positive.

Full information on the event:, via Twitter: @ZeroRoboticsSp1. The Zero Robotics official website is:  


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Antonio Marínez-Álvarez

Coordinador nacional de Zero Robotics



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