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University of Alicante awards its highest distinction to Miguel Hernández

Today, the UA Governing Council has approved the award of the UA Gold Laurel to the poet from Orihuela. Also, the Gender Equality Award 2019 has been presented to PhD doctor Rosa Ballester Añón



Alicante Thursday, 28 February 2019


The Governing Council of the University of Alicante has unanimously approved the award of the highest honorary distinction of the institution, its Gold Laurel, to poet Miguel Hernandez from Orihuela. This award culminates the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of his death organised by the UA, which in 2017 celebrated an International Conference as a tribute to the poet, with the collaboration of the Juan Gil-Albert Culture Institute and the UMH. 

UA President Manuel Palomar stressed that "the award of the Gold Laurel to Miguel Hernandez is a milestone in the history of our university, being one of our most representative figures. Moreover, the presentation of the highest distinction of this University will mark the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the creation of this academic institution in 2019. Palomar also pointed out that the poet is a sustained value in the UA that counts with specialists who have had Miguel Hernández as a point of reference amongst its honorary doctors, such as Mario Benedetti, Alfonso Zamora Vicente or Raúl Zurita, as well as some of the world's leading researchers around the poet, such as Carmen Alemany or José Carlos Rovira. The award of the Gold Laurel, therefore, supports a tradition of research on his work and enhances the significance of his figure for the institution that continues to develop a number of academic works (monographs, articles in specialised journals, final-year undergraduate and Master’s projects, doctoral theses, publications and awards derived from research, among others) that prove the relevance of Miguel Hernandez in our institution, as the UA President stated. 


Gender Equality Award 2019


Similarly, the University of Alicante Governing Council has unanimously approved the award of the Gender Equality Award 2019 to PhD)in Medicine Rosa Ballester Añón on the proposal of the Department of Community Nursing, Preventive Medicine and Public Health and History of Science. 

The nomination of Professor Rosa Ballester Añón is based on her academic excellence and her teaching and research career in the field of the gender perspective. In the 1990s, she introduced gender studies, together with Concha Colomer, in the PhD degrees in Public Health, a pioneering initiative carried out by the University of Alicante.   

PhD in Medicine, Emeritus Professor in History of Science at the Miguel Hernández University Faculty of Medicine, Ballester was a lecturer at the universities of Valencia, Zaragoza and Alicante. 

She has an extensive professional career in both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. She has also held several management positions, including being the first University Ombudswoman in the University of Alicante. She has been a member of CVAEC, of VALID Assessment Committee + Programme and of the Lluis Guarner Board of Trustees, as well as an evaluator of FECYT and the Spanish Assessment and Forward Planning (ANEP). 

Throughout her professional career, she has been Principal Investigator of 21 research projects in competitive calls and has participated in 7 other international research projects as a researcher. In 2012, the team that she was coordinating in Advanced Studies and History of Health and Medicine at the UMH received the Social Council Award for the best research group in Social Sciences and Humanities.

Rosa Ballester is a member of several national and international scientific societies, is part of the "Disability History Group" made up of several institutions and coordinated from the University of Exeter, and also a member of the group promoting the "Ibero-American Network on History of Poliomyelitis and Post-Polio Syndrome



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