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San Vicente and Alcoy campuses host University of Alicante Special Admission Test in July

Around a thousand students will sit for the UA admission test between Tuesday and Thursday. Pre-registration deadline is 5 July


Alicante, Monday 1 July 2019

The University of Alicante special admission test will be held from Tuesday 2 July to Thursday 4 July with exactly the same schedule as last June. A total of 931 students will sit the tests, of which more than half are women (54 per cent) and 182 of them have applied for the voluntary phase to improve their marks. The exams will be held in the UA lecture building No. 2  (San Vicente campus), with three examination boards there and in the UPV Ferrándiz building in Alcoy, with one examination board.

Although the July admission test results will not be notified until 10 July, the pre-registration deadline for all students is 5 July. Please note that students who did pass the admission test in June take precedence over those who pass them in July, regardless of the mark they get.

As occurred in the June test, the Spanish History exam will be the first to be sat by students at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday 2 July. The test will consist of the analysis of two texts, a text that will serve as a basis for answering questions related to their historical context, which will allow students to choose between two options.

The results of the admission test will be published on 10 July from 5 pm. Complaints can be submitted in writing from 12 to 16 July. The results, as well as how to submit complaints and request marking reviews will be available from the student portal.



Imagen de un examen de la convocatoria de julio del año 2018




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