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UA President undertakes to open new Denia campus thanks to "social, institutional and cultural involvement"

Baleària will help in every way it can in the economic arena, Adolfo Utor says




Alicante. Wednesday 5 June 2019

Today, University of Alicante President Manuel Palomar has undertaken to establish a UA campus in Denia thanks to the involvement of economic stakeholders, companies, institutions and the university, in order to teach new undergraduate degrees in the Marina Alta county.

Manuel Palomar made this statement during the first University Venues-Social Council Meetings at Baleària Port, in Denia, on Wednesday 5 June. Attendees included Valencia Region President Ximo Puig, UA Social Council and Baleària President Adolfo Utor and businesspeople and professionals from the county.

Manuel Palomar’s remarks were made in response to a request by entrepreneurs and Denia’s mayor to establish a campus in Marina Alta with Denia as its main hub: “My commitment is to work towards developing a campus in Marina Alta, here in Denia, as its main hub,” he said.

After being offered economic support by the business community and receiving institutional backing from Valencia Region President Ximo Puig, the UA President pointed out that “all the ingredients are there” for the new campus to become a reality.

In his view, Marina Alta “is a strategic county to create a university campus and what that brings: development in terms of economy, culture and progress.” Therefore, and given the involvement of all sectors concerned, his proposal was “to detect the needs of the county” and establish a campus with “new undergraduate degrees” not yet offered. “The University of Alicante, and myself as UA President, support the Marina Alta county with a view to expanding its offer of undergraduate degrees,” he said.


Staunch ally

Social Council President Adolfo Utor, who was the first speaker, called for a campus offering several undergraduate degrees in Denia and asked Valencia Region President Ximo Puig to make a pledge in this respect.

He also highlighted that “from Balèaria we will assist in establishing a university campus in the capital of Marina Alta, a project that will bring cohesion to the county and the Region of Valencia. We are eager to help in every way we can; you will have a staunch ally in the economic arena.” Utor concluded: “Only with sustainable development, research and culture will we be able to bring cohesion to our region.”

Ximo Puig said that the Valencia Region Government “will support the University of Alicante, the Social Council and Valencia Region universities as a whole.” According to him, “the university itself must craft a strategy, a shared strategy.” “I would like the Denia campus to become a reality,” he added.

“This initiative has considerable social support. This is why I welcome and have great hopes for Baleària President’s proposal that his company will fully support this campus. This is the way forward. The Valencia Region Government will also be committed. If there really is a social commitment, an economic commitment, the Valencia Region Government is equally committed, notably under the leadership of the University,” he said.


First meeting

This was the first of the University Venues-Social Council Meetings, an initiative by the University of Alicante aiming to enhance a crucial dialogue between the University, companies and social stakeholders and strengthen the role of this academic institution as a backbone for the province of Alicante.

Carmencita President Jesús Navarro also participated in the event, presenting the successful story of the Carmencita Research Chair and discussing university-business partnership. Also in connection with entrepreneurship, Cajamar provincial director Manuel Nieto explained what his financial institution does in this field. Cajamar sponsors these meetings and has recently renewed his sponsorhip undertaking with the UA Philharmonic Orchestra (OFUA). Both Carmencita and Cajamar were recognised by the UA Social Council, the former for its institutional research chair and the latter for its sponsorship efforts.

Other speakers were Masymas CEO José Juan Fornés and representatives of Marina Alta’s business community, such as Cristina Sellés, President of the Marina Alta Association of Businesspeople in the Hotel and Tourism Sectors (AEHTMA) and Sonia Dietz, President of the Marina Alta Businesspeople Association (CEDMA) and a member of the UA Social Council.

Part of the event was devoted to Gasterra, with Cristina Figueira, chef of La Nucía's one-Michelin-star restaurant El Xato, and Pep Romany, chef of the Pont Sec restaurant, giving an account of their gastronomic experience at the University of Alicante.


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