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Fernando Olivares introduces his book Marcas Negras at the Alicante City University Venue

The book analyses transparency and non-transparency in leading companies and brands and who actually manufactures their products

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Alicante. Friday 1 March 2019

Next Monday 4 March Fernando Olivares, holder of the UA Research Chair in Corporate Branding and director of the UA Brandscience research group, will introduce his book Marcas negras (en la era de la transparencia) at the Alicante City University Venue (Calle San Fernando, 40). Olivares will be accompanied by Arturo Pinedo de Miguel, Llorente & Cuenca CEO in Spain and Portugal.

The book sheds light on the truths and lies about transparency and non-transparency in companies and brands nowadays, dealing with many relevant cases never discussed before in sectors including high-volume consumer products, children’s food, fashion, the car industry or mobile phones. With this book, Fernando Olivares and his team help educate citizens and consumers in an effort to promote honest transparency, as this is the only way to achieve corporate legitimacy and sustainability today. Questions addressed include: who makes cereal for Kellogg’s? Why are Mercedes’ Smart and Renault’s Twingo almost identical? Do Danone and Nestlé make all the products they say they make? Is Zara non-transparent or transparent? Why do some companies claim that they do not manufacture products for other brands, yet they conceal that their products are sometimes manufactured by other brands? More and more companies fully outsource production for their brands with an absolute lack of transparency, thus ignoring the legitimate need for information and communication of society and consumers. Paradoxically, in the age of transparency, non-transparency gains ground among well-known brands from all sectors. Olivares states that “in Marcas Negras we investigate the extent to which companies and brands adapt to the latest socio-economic trends and principles worldwide (honesty, integrity, sincerity, transparency or the common good, among others), which are so necessary to regain trust and achieve legitimacy in society, and with it, the sustainability of corporate projects. A remarkable contribution from this work is a novel classification of high-volume consumer goods brands according to transparency or non-transparency (based on whether the actual manufacturer of a product is identified or concealed).”

Marcas Negras is supported by the University of Alicante Research Chair in Corporate Branding and its research group UA_Brandscience. Alongside Fernando Olivares, the other contributors to this work are Commercial Law professor Esperanza Gallego, director of the UA’s “Magister Lucentinus” Master’s Degree in Industrial and Intellectual Property Pilar Montero, Llorente & Cuenca CEO Arturo Pinedo, CECU (Spanish Confederation of Consumers and Users) chair and AVACU (Valencia Region Association of Consumers and Users) vice chair Fernando Móner, UA PhDs and lecturers in Communication and Corporate Image Alberto Pinillos, Daniel Rodríguez and Arminda Pérez, Universitat de Barcelona PhD in Economics Gabriel Izard, CEO of a high-volume consumer goods company Rafael Mira and member of the UA_Brandscience research group Andrés López. The book includes a preface by Joan Costa, who holds an honorary doctorate from the Jaume I University of Castellón and is one of the most influential intellectuals in Europe and Latin America in the areas of social communication, corporate communication and branding.


Fernando Olivares

Senior lecturer in Communication and Corporate Branding at the University of Alicante, Spain. He holds the UA Research Chair in Corporate Branding, a key initiative aimed at promoting knowledge about brands, companies and their positive relationship with the environment. Director of the UA Brandscience research group, he has also held the Research Chair in Family-Owned Business for 10 years, which has allowed him to gain first-hand knowledge of the reality of over 100,000 family-owned businesses around the world. As a researcher he is involved in several projects at ministerial and European level on organisational intangibles and has more than 50 publications in high-impact science journals.

The Research Chair in Corporate Branding was created in 2018 under an agreement between the University of Alicante and Llorente & Cuenca, a global leader among consultancy firms specialising in corporate reputation and communication management. The Research Chair is intended as a leading platform for discussion, research and dissemination in the field of corporate and product branding in the framework of the new principles prevailing in this new era.

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