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Over 3,490 students to sit entrance examinations at the University of Alicante on Tuesday 4 June




Alicante, 31 May 2019

With 3,494 students enrolled, the 2019 Admission Test at the University of Alicante will begin on 4 June. The admission test will be held at the UA main campus and at the UPV Campus in Alcoy on 4, 5 and 6 June 2019. As has become customary in recent years, according to enrolment data for the last few years, women outnumber men. Eleven examination boards will assess a total of 2,060 women and 1,434 men around the province. Two examination boards will be based in Alcoy, at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) campus, (Ferrándiz building); whereas another nine examination boards will be distributed by the UA campus in San Vicente del Raspeig. Boards from No. 1 to 5 will be located in the lecture building 1 and those from No. 6 to 9 will be located in the lecture building 2. 

Students can apply for the university admission test from upper secondary education or from vocational educations. Enrolled students coming from upper secondary education make up a total of 3,332, whereas those from vocational education total 162.

The University Admission Test resit will take place on 2, 3 and 4 July, with exactly the same structure as the June test.

The Admission Test consists of a compulsory phase containing four common subjects: Spanish, Catalan, Foreign Language and History of Spain, as well as a subject chosen by students from their secondary education pathways. Also, the admission test includes a voluntary phase that will allow them to improve their admission final mark. Further information can be found in the admission test information brochure.

Since the 2018 Admission Test, History of Spain has been the first common subject that students must sit. Before that, “Spanish Language and Literature” had been the first common subject to sit before the torch was passed, which had always aroused great interest with the topic to deal with and the text analysis required. In June 2018, with the new format, two possible options were offered to develop the History of Spain: Franco, post-war and rationing and the First Carlist War. 

The voluntary phase will allow students to improve their final marks and 374 students have opted to sit it this time.

Results of the admission test will be published on 14 June from 2 pm. Marks, complaints, and marking reviews are available from this web page:


Link to the web page:

2019 Admission Test Calendar:

Images: July 2018 Admission Test.


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