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UA researcher Javier García to preside over the Spanish Young Scientist Academy

This new institution will represent young scientists, preferably from the field of experimental sciences




Alicante. Wednesday 29 May 2019.

University of Alicante Department of Inorganic Chemistry researcher Javier García will preside over the Spanish Young Scientist Academy (AJE) created today at the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education. This new institution will represent young scientists, preferably from the field of experimental sciences.

Regarding the situation experienced by the scientific community in recent years, academician Javier García declared that Spain cannot remain in the shade anymore while the sun shines in other countries. UA researcher stated that the key topics for those in charge of the Academy will be education and knowledge, research career, science dissemination, as well as its social and economic impact. The idea is to promote a cross-sectional approach, an intergenerational connection to link researchers working abroad, he said.

In his speech during the AJE signing ceremony, Javier Garcia thanked the support granted by the current Administration for creating this Young Scientist Academy and the affection, means and urgency that the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education put into this task. The researcher also recalled the figure of Ramon y Cajal and the silver years of Spanish science, ending his speech with the commitment to carry out his scientific mission with the same enthusiasm and dedication as those who did so in the past.



AJE founders are researchers Javier García Martínez, Maite Martínez Aldaya, Juan Antonio Gabaldón Estevan, Jesús Martínez de la Fuente, Ignacio Palomo Ruiz, Pedro Martínez Santos and Javier Martínez Moguerza. Five of them, who already belonged to the Global Youth Academy, set up a management committee in October 2014 to promote the creation of the Spanish Youth Scientist Academy, which has been established today.

According to García, with the creation of this Academy, Spain joins a network of more than 40 National Youth Scientist Academies that already exist around the world. In his speech, he stated that they are committed to working with the rest of the Spanish Academies to promote the scientific and intellectual activity of our country and to give voice, recognition and opportunities to young Spanish scientists.

The members of the Spanish Youth Scientist Academy will remain as members for five years in order to give a chance to future scientists and, thus, ensure the young spirit of the Academy. The average member profile of the Academy will be 40 years of age with 12-years experience from their appointment as PhD holders as a young scientist is understood to be one who has reached maturity and is at the beginning of their independent research career.

The Academy will act as a liaison with young scientists working abroad, as some of its members may be young nationals researching outside our country.


AJE Goals

The goals of the Spanish Youth Scientist Academy, assisted by the Spanish Government, are as follows:

- to ensure visibility and represent young scientists, to participate in the development of scientific policies and to take a stance, issuing decisions and reports, on national and international issues relevant to science.

- to boost science as a professional option among young people by promoting exceptional young researchers from any country (particularly from Spain) as role models; to propose policies aimed at eliminating obstacles to the participation of women, people with disabilities and ethnic minorities in the different fields of knowledge; and to encourage intergenerational cooperation with the Royal Academies of the Institute of Spain.

- to promote scientific training through the transfer of knowledge, research and innovation as engines for economic development, and to support the exchange among young researchers from different institutions, both national and international.

- to encourage the development of new approaches in order to solve problems of national and international relevance.


The Spanish Youth Scientist Academy will have an emblem, which will be displayed on all its official communications, and which will include distinctive elements with the label Academia Joven de España and a badge or medal that will be used by the Academy full members.

Finally, the AJE will be made up by fifty Full Members, holders of a PhD or equivalent degree, Corresponding Members -ex-members- and Honorary Members.



Current Academies have the wisdom and cultural depth provided by their experience and history. As a complement to these Academies, a generational approach and a reciprocal interconnection is needed between experienced scientists and young researchers who will shape the countries’ cultural future.

This has been the reason why scientists with proven experience took the initiative to create in Berlin, in 2010, the Global Youth Academy, which aims to be the voice of young scientists of the world, encouraging their collaboration to address important global issues focused on science, education and research. The Academy brings together 200 young and relevant scientists, with an average age of 35, from 58 countries. This was followed by the creation of the European Youth Academy in 2012. There are now forty National Youth Scientist Academies around the world.


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