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University of Alicante launches its most committed project

The education institution becomes the second Spanish university to develop a microfinance platform for the promotion of innovative initiatives of socially responsible research and entrepreneurship, as well as social, cultural and international development cooperation projects.

The UACrowd platform opens with a project based on the design of a school flute that can be played with one hand to make it easier for children with functional diversity.





Alicante, Monday 4 November 2019

The University of Alicante has launched its first microfinance campaign through the platform UACrowd created with the aim of supporting and promoting socially responsible research, entrepreneurship and social, cultural and international cooperation actions by raising funds through projects promoted by the university community. 

The first of the three initiatives that the University of Alicante plans to select to promote from UACrowd is a socially responsible research project and development of a soprano recorder for school use adapted to play with one hand at an accessible cost. A project born from a real need of a minority social group, excluded by conventional providers, which has been collected and promoted by the non-profit association Artefactos, the research group Engineering Design and Technology Development (DIDET) and the  University of Alicante Office of the Vice President for Corporate Social Responsibility, Inclusion and Gender Equality.

According to Vice President for Corporate Social Responsibility, Inclusion and Gender Equality María José Rodríguez Jaume, UACrowd is a partner strategy to promote innovative initiatives involving the the University of Alicante members, and society in their development processes. The project goes beyond the money raised by people, as it makes them also partners, participants and even decision-makers of innovative proposals with great social impact.

This innovative action has only a similar rival in Spain and allows scientific, social and cultural projects arising from the University of Alicante to become a reality with the collaboration of the university community and their contribution to a more effective transfer of knowledge to society.

The operation is identical to that of other microfinance platforms where people interested in collaborating have access to the project of their choice and opt for different reward-based contribution options. In the case of the first project selected by the University of Alicante, the goal is to raise between €9,950 and €12,300. Donations start from €10 and the deadline for contributions is 8 December

The main reward, as Rodriguez Jaume points out, is undoubtedly for contributors to be part of the research project through initiatives led by University of Alicante members. The Vice President also highlighted that having a platform of our own, such as UACrowd, offers us the possibility of selecting projects that are based on the most creative and innovative research and do not fit into practically any of the current funding announcements for social innovation projects.


 [flow] music for @ll

The first project selected by UACrowd has been called [flow] música para todxs in Spanish and consists of the design and creation of a flute designed to play with one hand and at an accessible cost. Artefactos is the name of the group that runs the project, led by lecturer Javier Esclapés, from the research group in engineering design and technology development (DIDET).

The initiative is based on two simple assumptions. The first one: the soprano recorder is the most used instrument in musical education during the first years due to its reduced size and weight, a simple design and because it is affordable for most families. And secondly, approximately 4,000 children with motor difficulties in their hands face problems in their activities every day in Spain, which prevents them from developing activities such as playing the flute or learning music, forcing them to resort to expensive adapted instruments.

The solution proposed by Artefactos for this challenge is to design a soprano recorder for school use adapted to play it with one hand and at an accessible cost. To this end, they have based their design on a system of combined keys which allow the musical notes to be played with just one hand. This will contribute to facilitate musical learning in the early stages and, at the same time, promote equal opportunities and inclusive school.

The design of the flute is designed for reproduction by 3D printing, which makes it affordable and customised to the needs of each individual more quickly.

The project was born from the need of a group of families with children with hemiparesis, a neurological condition that hinders the movement of one half of the body. There are several Spanish associations such as HemiwebAdayo-PBO and AFANIP that support the cause.


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