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Spain's National Sports Council awards funding to a UA project on research in elite handball

The team led by senior lecturer Carmen Manchado will develop "Deteinarfibe", a network of variables to measure physical and physiological requirements in handball

The application of the advances achieved by this research, contributed by the Spanish and European Handball Federations, is planned for the 2020 European Championships.

Deteinarfibe1 Deteinarfibe2


1.- Carmen Manchado, on the right, next to María José Rienda, Spain’s Secretary for Sports.

2.- Carmen Manchado, on the left, with the accreditation of the project funding.


Alicante. Tuesday 11 October 2019

“Deteinarfibe” is the short name of the Spanish title of the project on innovative technological development network for research and analysis of physical and physiological requirements in elite handball. The University of Alicante project has been funded by the Spain’s National Sports Council (CSD), planned to be developed and implemented for the European Championship, in 2020.

The CSD funding has been granted to the team led by University of Alicante senior lecturer María del Carmen Manchado, from the Department of General Didactics and Specific Didactics and also an expert in the field of Physical and Sport Education. Juan Tortosa Martínez, Basilio Pueo Ortega, Juan Manuel Cortell Tormo, Carmen Ferragut Fiol, María Elena Vila Suárez, Francisco Sánchez Sánchez and Luis Javier Chirosa Ríos are the members of the research team, all of them experts in the field at several universities. The project is backed by the Real Spanish and European Handball Federations.

According to lecturer Manchado, the project is intended to create a series of variables that take place in the development of the game in handball. Subsequently, these variables will be measured in real matches and situations during different elite competitions and, finally, will be analysed in common. The movements of the players and also their radius of action will be monitored, as well as other elements such as the speed at which the ball moves, the speed and location of the throws and the force of impacts between athletes.

After that, usual sequences and patterns determined in different variables with very different objectives will be created. As an example, Manchado explained that, depending on the position in which an athlete plays within the team, there are very different variables of distance travelled, speed or strength in the movements or the impacts and grips they have to endure. Determining these data in detail makes it easier to know what situations athletes are going to face.

And what is retrieved from the analysis of all these variables? Reducing injuries and improving sports performance, the researcher leading the project. The more objective data they know[n] about the physical and physiological needs of athletes, the better season and training plans can be made and, and thus, avoid injuries and improve performance.

As a matter of fact, the application is planed to be implemented for the next European Men’s Handball Championship, which will take place in 2020 in Austria, Norway and Sweden simultaneously, and later in the Women's Championship, which will be held in Denmark and Norway in December of the same year. This type of championships, without going any further, show a striking figure, since between 20% and 30% of the participants suffer some injury during the course of the competition, as reported by Manchado, who added that this project is intended, among other things, to reduce these percentages considerably.


Research networks

“Deteinarfibe” is one of the 21 research networks in Sports Science presented by the Spain's National Sports Council recently. Coordinated by Spanish universities, such as the UA, they will receive funding to promote scientific research in sports and the creation of exchange spaces among universities.

These research networks involve 364 researchers, 58 companies, 9 national and 14 regional  federations, two High Performance Sports Centres in Sierra Nevada in San Cugat), 10 foreign research groups, 14 Spanish universities and the European Handball Federation.


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