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  • The UA Governing Council approves a the future as stated by the President

The UA Governing Council approves a dual degree in Law and International Relations aimed at blended learning in the future as stated by the President

Palomar announces strengthening of technological tools and staff adjustments to make online and on-site combined modes feasible

A budget amendment has been proposed to reorganise EUR 2.3 million

A special regulation is agreed for online evaluation and the academic calendar is modified to adapt the deadlines

The joint degree will be taught next year, and joint degrees in Business Administration and Marketing, and Business Administration and Economics will also be offered



 Governing Council meeting today by videoconference


Alicante, Tuesday 28 April 2020

The University of Alicante Governing Council has met online this morning to hold its regular April session. In his report, UA President Manuel Palomar explained in detail the actions carried out by the institution to address the state of emergence caused by the Covid-19 pandemics. Palomar summarised his speech in a letter sent to the entire university community where he states that the UA has managed to continue its essential services without serious dysfunctions and is ready to face the immediate future by implementing additional security measures.

The UA President explained that the institution is preparing for a new blended university model with a combination of both online and on-site modes. In this sense, he assures that strengthened technological tools will be required to make it possible, as well as A progressive adjustment for teachers and students in higher education. Manuel Palomar thanked the entire university community for their efforts in difficult and adverse conditions. He maintains that the crisis has hastened a transition that has already begun. However, he assured that the desire to know and the vocation for public service, the central ingredients of this university, has never changed.

In line with the UA President statement, Vice President for Economic Planning Monica Martí presented an economic report to explain the sensitive situation resulting from this pandemics. Martí announced a possible budget modification that will allow for the redeployment of over €2.3 million to research projects, to the improvement of the UA's ICT capacity, to different preventive actions and to funding back-up plans in response to the Covid-19 crisis. These funds were obtained from cuts in other budget lines, mainly from institutional projects, as well as from the faculties and the Polytechnic School. 

Among other topics on the unanimously approved agenda, a new dual degree in Law and International Relations, (DERRII) has been agreed to implement for the next academic year 2020-2021. This is a highly demanded option proposed by Faculty of Law Board, the centre that manages both degrees. The dual degree has been allocated with 388.5 total credits distributed in 5 years and will start offering 60 places.

As explained by Vice President for Studies Planning and Training Actions Enrique Herrero, students in this dual degree must take all the core and compulsory subjects of the undergraduate degree in Law, except for Public International Law, which is recognised by a subject with same name in the degree in International Relations, as well as the core and compulsory subjects of the latter. As is usual in all dual degrees, students are required to submit the final-year undergraduate projects (FYUP) of both degrees.

During the meeting, the new proposals for simultaneous degrees at the Faculty of Economic and Business Science were also approved. This is the case of the simultaneous degree in Business Administration and Marketing and the simultaneous degree in Business Administration and Economics. In both cases, the two degrees share the first and second year and access to simultaneous studies is possible from the third year, with a planning different from their equivalent conventional. The difference between them is given by the timeline when taking the subjects, as Herrero stated.

The University of Alicante is currently offering four dual degrees: Law and Business Administration (DADE), Tourism and Business Administration (TADE), Law and Criminology (DECRIM) and Computer Engineering and Business Administration. As for the simultaneous degrees, they have been offered in some language estudies and in primary education with Humanities or Catalan Studies.  

Online Assessment

In view of the scenario caused by Covid-19 and the establishment of the no-exam evaluation for the current academic year, the University of Alicante Governing Council has approved, by majority, the implementation of a regulation for an online learning outcomes evaluation. As the Vice President for Students and Employment Nuria Grané stressed, this is a temporary regulation limited to the duration of the pandemics and will cease once the situation goes back to normal, with the students face-to-face nature". The goal of this regulation is to govern some aspects, guaranteeing the rights and duties of students and teachers, with special consideration of the protection of personal data, and the right of students to be assessed may be conveniently carried out thorough several online assessment methods.

For this reason, the Vice President explained that this regulation is limited to the special issues and particularities presented by these online tests. Therefore, everything not provided for in these rules will be envisaged by the University of Alicante Regulation of Learning Assessment, which remains in force.


Academic calendar modification 

In order to guarantee the students’ assessment and to avoid potential overloading of existing resources at the University of Alicante, the Governing Council has decided to modify the academic calendar by adding up over one more week to both the regular June exams and special July exams.   

The regular period (C3) will begin on 27 May and will be extended until 19 June (initially it ended up on 11 May). Likewise, the special exams (C4), which was scheduled to take place in two periods between June and July, will be unified and extended to run from 29 June to 23 July, with a total of 22 days, an increase of 8 days over the initial schedule.




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Enrique Herrero and Nuria Grané during the videoconference  



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