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Amparo Navarro wins University of Alicante presidential elections and becomes first female president of the academic institution

The Professor of Financial and Tax Law has beaten José Vicente Cabezuelo with 53 percent of the votes




Alicante, Friday 4 December 2020

The University of Alicante community has chosen Professor of Financial and Tax Law Amparo Navarro as the academic institution President for the next four years after winning the presidential elections over her rival, Professor of Medieval History José Vicente Cabezuelo, by a difference of 9.5 points.

The polling day held on Thursday 3 December was carried with safety measure conditions due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19. The extension of the deadline for early voting was the most remarkable measure, resulting in 4,662 votes being cast early, a much higher figure than in previous elections and representing 87.5 percent of the total 5,325 votes cast.

The results of the new president, who will be the first woman to lead the University of Alicante in its 41 years of history, has been elected according to the following groups: doctorate teaching staff with 29.8%; the non-doctorate teaching staff with 1.58%; and the assistant and research and training staff with 1.68%; among associate, emeritus and visiting professors with 0.58%; and among administrative and service staff (PAS) with 7.55%; while among students the result was in favour of their rival with 13.48% of the votes. In the end, 54.27 percent of the votes were in favour of Amparo Navarro and 42.67 for the candidacy led by Cabezuelo. There were also 107 blank votes, 3.06 per cent, and four invalid votes, 0.075.

As far as participation is concerned, 1,677 academic and research staff members voted, representing 65.70% participation; 2,533 students, representing 9.88%; and 1,677 administrative and service staff members, 80.62%. In total, 5325 votes were cast, representing a turnout of 18%.

According to the electoral calendar, the provisional proclamation of Navarro as the winner of the elections was held on Friday and the final result was published on 10 December.

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