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ANECA appoints Rosabel Roig Vila as President of the Accreditation Commission for Online and Blended Education

Translated by Irene Nieva Moratalla

The University of Alicante professor and director of the Education Science Institute will lead the commission in charge of evaluating International Quality Seals

Alicante, Friday 11 December 2020.

The National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain (ANECA) has chosen University of Alicante professor Rosabel Roig Vila to chair the Accreditation Commission for the International Quality Seal for Online and Blended Education. A newly created international commission whose main role will focus on the assessment of undergraduate and Master’s degrees in order to award them, if appropriate, the corresponding International Quality Seal.

The election of Roig Vila to head the new commission denotes ANECA’s clear commitment to pedagogy, didactics, and teaching innovation, fields in which the University of Alicante professor is a renowned specialist, not only because of her PhD in Pedagogy, but also because of her extensive academic research experience and her work at the head of the University of Alicante Education Science Institute (ESI), of which she has become a role model in educational innovation.

Roig Vila stressed that she is proud that it is a member of the University of Alicante who has been appointed to such a position. This Commission is linked to academic work on the fulfilment of quality criteria agreed by international quality seal agencies in higher education, based on international standards recognised by employers in Europe. In short, the aim is to contribute, from the University of Alicante, to national and international teaching excellence. In fact, this Commission will assess national and international qualification, especially in the Ibero-American field. 

The University of Alicante professor will chair a commission made up of another 12 members from universities in different countries, as follows:

President: Rosabel Roig Vila. University of Alicante

Academic members:

- David Carabantes Alarcón. Complutense University of Madrid

- María José Gutiérrez. University of the Basque Country

Academic and professional members:

- Julio Navío Marco. Spanish Distance Education University

- Begoña Cristina Pelayo García-Bustelo. University of Oviedo

International academic members:

- Óscar Loureda. Heildelberg University (Germany)

- Luis Meneses Lerín. Artois University (France)

- Carlos Enrique Montenegro Marín. Francisco José de Caldas District University (Colombia)

- Irene Villares Ojea. The Open University (United Kingdom)

International academic and professional member: David René Thierry García. Interinstitutional Committees for the Evaluation of Higher Education (CIEES. Mexico) - National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) - University of Texas (USA)

International student member: Amy Stewart. University of Strathclyde (United Kingdom)

International student and professional member: Andrea Guadalupe Martínez de Luna. Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM) and National Centre for the Evaluation of Higher Education (CENEVAL) (Mexico)

Secretary: Pedro Rubio Mercado. Granada University

Rosabel_RoigRosabel Roig Vila

Rosabel Roig Vila has a PhD Special Award in Education and is a University of Alicante professor of the Department of General & Specific Teaching Methods. Between 2005 and 2009, she was the Dean of University of Alicante Faculty of Education and currently is the Director of the University of Alicante Education Science Institute (ESI). She has had 3 six-year research activity periods and has been working in teaching for 21 years.

She is editor of the electronic scientific Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research (NAER), indexed in SCOPUS and ESCI.

For years, she has directed the University of Alicante research group EDUTIC-ADEI (VIGROB-039) to do research on teaching and learning processes as a means of broadening scientific knowledge and educational innovation and has coordinated R&D+i research projects in Spain and the European Union.

Her line of research focuses on the field of Information and Communication Technologies applied to education, where she has published more than 250 scientific publications and directed more than 12 PhD theses. Moreover, she has been invited to give lectures at several international universities. 

She is the coordinator of some organised courses on University Faculty Training and has been invited to give courses and lectures at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the University of Bilbao, the University of Valencia, etc. Finally, she is the coordinator of the EDUTIC and ARTICUA (RedIRIS-CSIC) distribution lists.






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