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Nearly 2,000 students take part in the local General Knowledge Olympiads organised by the University of Alicante

The 1st History of Art Olympiad will be on 23 March with the support of the UA Museum, EASDA and the Association of PhDs and Graduates in Arts and Sciences

After the Mathematics Olympiad, the Geology and the Biology Olympiads continue today, Friday  



Photos: UA Audio Visual Studio (FGUA)

Alicante. 21 February 2020

Nearly 1,800 secondary students have enrolled in the 2020 Olympiads organised by the University of Alicante, including the 1st edition of the History of Arts Olympiad, all of them within the General Knowledge Olympiads, promoted by the Faculty of Arts. A total of eighteen Olympiads/competitions have been arranged this year on the campus of San Vicente del Raspeig.

Today, 21 February, two Sciences Olympiads are taking place: the 11th Geology Olympiad, that will start at 9 am, with 108 students enrolled, and the 17th Biology Olympiad, at 4 pm, with 144 students.  

The local phase of this year’s competitions started on 17 January with the 56th Mathematical Olympiad. An already classic competition with forty-eight students enrolled whose results and solutions have been published. Also, the UA group to disseminate mathematics has created the website DIMATES to publish detailed solutions for the problems proposed in the previous national phase.

As is already a tradition at the UA, the faculties of Science, Arts, and Economics, and the Polytechnic School, organise their respective competitions. This year, a new Olympiad will be offered in History of Art and the local phase will be held on 23 March from 10 am to 1 pm. The event will be supported by Alicante Art and Design School (EASDA), the Association of PhDs and graduates in Arts and Sciences, and the UA Museum, where the competition will be held.

The Olympiads are educational competitions aimed at stimulating students’ interest in the academic disciplines to encourage their talent and excellence through some tests based on general knowledge and its application. The local phase of this competition is organised by the UA Office for Students and Employment for high school students from the Alicante province. Winners of each of disciplines will enter the national phase and the winners of this last phase will represent Spain in the International General knowledge Olympiads. These competitions, at the same time, attract the attention and support of the teaching staff to help students reach excellence and maximum development of their talent.

Prizes are generally divided into three categories, first, second and third, plus the runners-up. The UA establishes a runner-up for every ten candidates or fraction thereof, starting from twenty participants. In addition, the three schools that have obtained the best marks may receive a diploma.

The UA will publish final results of winners for this local phase right after the last competition, the 8th Classical languages Olympiad, that will be held on 7 April. The winners of the 18 local Olympiads will enter the national phase and, if they get the highest scores, they may go on the international phase for the relevant Olympiad.

 The Polytechnic School’s Olympiads are in Artistic Drawing, Computer Science and Telecommunications. The Faculty of Sciences’ are in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Geology. The Faculty of Arts organises the Olympiads of Philosophy, Geography, History, Spanish Language, Catalan Language, Classical Languages, Arabic and Islamic Studies, French Studies and, new this year, the History of Arts Olympiad. Finally, the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences arranges the Economics Olympiad.

The winning students will be presented their prizes for this local phase on 17 June 2020 at 6 pm, at the Auditorium) by the Vice President for Students and Employment



Photos: UA Audio Visual Studio (FGUA).







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