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University of Alicante Governing Council calls for the election of a new governing team



Alicante, Thursday February 2020

The University of Alicante Governing Council has unanimously given the green light for the election of the new management team, as provided for in Article 66.2 of the UA Statute. Around 29,300 people from the three university groups will take to the polls to decide who should be the new University of Alicante President. The voting day will take place, in the first round, on 7 May. 

The highest university governing body has also approved the electoral calendar that begins next Monday, 24 February, with the publication of the university. Candidatures will be accepted from 4 to 10 March as the electoral campaign will be held between the 21 April and 5 May.

As stated in Title III of the UA Electoral Regulations, the University of Alicante President is elected by the university community through direct election, free and secret universal suffrage, in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law on Universities and the University Statute, and pursuant to the procedure set out in these Regulations" (Art. 34.1). Eligible candidates include University of Alicante full-time senior tenured professors, in active and effective service, with exclusive dedication" (art. 34.2).

All the information related to the electoral process is the responsibility of the University of Alicante Electoral Board and everything on this will be published in this website.

The Electoral Board, with the purpose of guaranteeing transparency, objectivity and impartiality of the electoral process, as well as the principle of equality, is made up by three full-time tenured members of the faculty, three students and three full-time members of the administration and services staff. Tenured lecturer Francisco Sevillano currently acts as the chairman. The appointment of its members, both permanent and substitutes, is made in a public draw by the Governing Council for a period of four years.


Reshuffle of management team

During his speech to the Governing Council, UA President Manuel Palomar announced that current Vice President for Campus Facilities and Technology Rafael Muñoz Guillena will take over the Office for Research and Knowledge Transfer, replacing Amparo Navarro. The UA President thanked and congratulated her for the work carried out over these eight years at the head of this Office. Also, current Director for the of the Technological Resources Office secretary’s office, Ferran Verdú, will assume the responsibilities of the Office for Campus Facilities and Technology.

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