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Álvaro Asencio, new University of Alicante Student Council President

The third-year law student belongs to student association Alternativa Universitaria and will preside over the UA highest student representation authority


Alicante, Wednesday, 4 March 2020


Alvaro Asencio has been elected as the new president of the Student Council unanimously by the student representatives with the right to vote. After an absolute majority in the senate general elections, Álvaro has been the unbeatable winner among the 117 student representatives who participated in the ballot, that is senate members plus the representatives of each university centre.

Asencio is part of the major student association on campus, Alternativa Universitaria, and after his election, he is now awaiting his final proclamation and inauguration, which is expected to take place next week in a ceremony chaired by University of Alicante President Manuel Palomar.

The new student president stressed that he is facing his new responsibility plenty of enthusiasm and will to work, taking into account UA students visions and sensibilities. Asencio pointed out that the main problems of students are excessive concentration on exams; unbalance evaluation criteria in university departments;  increasing transport problems after the creation of the Science Park; non-implementation of the teaching guide to the regulations on the evaluation of learning; unbalanced student groups (some with 20 students and some with 80) and more flexibility in group changing. He also reported the lack of funding for students — since it does not cover their needs — and expensive registration fees, especially for Master’s degrees.

Álvaro Asencio also referred to the main areas that he has to manage and insisted in getting all the students to know the Student Council, making the UA Student Council a visible brand through training activities highlighting the role of students, as was the case several years ago. In addition, he claimed the rights of students to the university president, faculties and departments. He also stated his aim to hold as many national and international events as possible, to strengthen the student network at both levels, as well as strengthening student participation and representation actions. Also, regaining the relevance that the Student Council had once in being useful for students.

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