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UA Governing Council ensures the completion of the academic year with the accent placed on health and safety

The UA essential services have been established as a result of the new lockdown restrictions

At a meeting held on line, the Governing Council members have agreed to apply the UA Regulations on Curricular Adaptation to all the UA students




Alicante, Monday 30 March 2020

 The University of Alicante Governing Council has held the first online meeting in its history as a result of the declaration of the State of Emergency due to the Covid-19 crisis. During the meeting, University President Manuel Palomar gave a detailed explanation of the evolution of the situation at the University of Alicante, highlighting the exceptional adaptation achieved in record time to replace classroom-based activities with the help of the Online Teaching Continuation Plan. In accordance with Royal Decree-Act 10/2020 approved yesterday by the Spanish Government, the "essential services" of the University of Alicante have been established and the UA Regulations on Curricular Adaptation were agreed to be applied to all the UA students. 

The University President, in line with the other Valencian universities, guarantees is working on guaranteeing that students can complete the academic year. Manuel Palomar assures that safety and health will be the priorities. Since resuming classroom-based lessons will not be considered until June, a transition phase will be required. Although the UA president foresees that the special examination session of July might be possible, we must still wait for the evolution of the emergency situation to consider the suitability of sitting June regular exams on site or not. 

Palomar, who has called for keeping the calm and understanding, assures that in the face of such a changing panorama, a stabilisation period must be considered to allow for more clear scenarios. 


Essential services

This very morning, in response to the Royal Decree-Act 10/2020 of 29 March, which limits citizens’ mobility to the maximum and tightens measures to contain the progress of the COVID-19, a decision by the Governing Council has been published, establishing the "essential activities" at the University of Alicante. 

Computer services for cybersecurity and maintenance of the UA IT infrastructure, as well as maintenance for the connection of computers to carry out online work, have been established as "strictly necessary". 

In the area of Research, in addition to the tasks inherent in the development of projects related to the fight against the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the following is considered: feeding and maintenance of the Animal Laboratory, the Technical Research Services, the Liquid N2 Science II Tank and the Greenhouse. Also, the maintenance of insects, fungi and microorganisms in research projects of agricultural, livestock, pharmacological and/or biotechnological importance. 

As for the on-campus facilities, there will be a permanent security service, equivalent to the regular weekend activity; basic maintenance is established for subsistence irrigation of outdoor and indoor plants and the associated water treatment plant, feeding animals on campus, as well as, if necessary, corrective maintenance of facilities and buildings that experience a sudden and unforeseen alteration.

Within the framework of guaranteeing maximum security and prioritising health, the necessary cleaning services adapted to exceptional attendance will be maintained, as well as an emergency medical service.

Another service considered essential is the management and prediction of meteorological or seismic emergencies, as the University of Alicante is a national reference. 

 For essential services, the University of Alicante maintains the requirement of previous notice and express authorisation for each individual that must be requested using a form for that purpose.


Curricular adaptation

The University of Alicante Governing Council has given the green light to the new measure adopted consisting of applying the UA Regulations on Curricular Adaptation to all students without exception.

 The decision made by the UA Governing Council on 17 March, approved today, states that curricular adaptations (understood as the set of non-significant modifications or adjustments to the regular curriculum) must be applied at two levels: curricular adaptations to support both the teaching activity and assessment tests. These modifications must be adapted to each subject for as long as the classroom-based activity is suspended.

Likewise, the regulations provides for the publication of the teaching development procedures for each subject, as well as the evaluation systems adapted through an alternative evaluation system. To this end, the departmental directors must send the criteria for the teaching curricular adaptation and for continuous evaluation, if applicable, to the corresponding faculty deans or the Polytechnic School director, which will be applied until the teaching activity is resumed for each of the subjects. 

Curricular adaptations are all those adjustments or modifications that are made for students with special needs to meet their educational requirements with ease. 







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