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University of Alicante adopts preventive measures against the COVID-19 spread

The UA Online Teaching Plan has been implemented with controlled attendance 


Alicante, Friday 13 March 2020

Pursuant to the decisions, statements and communications issued by the Valencia Government, in view of the situation, evolution and forward planning regarding this matter, University of Alicante, Manuel Palomar, has signed a Decision this morning setting out the preventive measures and recommendations on public healthcare affecting the whole university community as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The decision establishes a provisional suspension of teaching and extracurricular activities in the campus of Sant Vicent del Raspeig as well as in any other university facility (university venues, Alcoy campus and biological stations, La Alcudia archaeological site, etc.) 

The UA Governing Council has implemented an Online Teaching Plan to guarantee the teaching activity and has sent the operating instructions to students and academic staff. The Plan includes the appropriate teaching resources, information and help points for online synchronized access to provide the best communication among students and teachers. Recording sound teaching videos and reusing teaching material is part of the plan. Scheduled tutoring sessions have also been included and face-to-face practical sessions have been replaced by training activities that will allow students to acquire the knowledge required, or, where appropriate, lessons will be carried out in intensive sessions once classroom-based face teaching activity is resumed.

In order to guarantee the correct development of the subjects along with the skills required by students, the academic staff will be in charge of the methodology, evaluation and adaptations to the online platform and the UA guarantees the provision of the necessary tools to carry it out.

Given the special situation, teachers are urged to adapt the teaching of their subjects in the best possible way, taking into account their particularities.

 With regard to the administration and services staff, this decision agrees to implement all measures necessary to provide the required work-family life balance and protection of vulnerable people. To this end, the people responsible for the UA services and centres may establish a system of on-site shifts for the staff assigned, so that the greatest possible number of employees can work from home, and maintaining only on-site skeleton services. 


International scope

In order to limit the spread and contagion of COVID-19, all University of Alicante mobility programmes affecting students, academic staff and administrative staff have been suspended as of today.

For already started mobilities, the Office of the Vice President for International Mobility and Cooperation has set up a website containing all the instructions to be taken into account depending on to the programme involved.


In any case, all university members are advised to follow the indications, instructions and recommendations of both the local authorities of the destination countries and universities, as well as those of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation (MAUC). Similarly, they recommend that you register in the MAUC's Travelers' Registry or using its app. We also recommend having the consular office 24-hour telephone number and the insurance policy's assistance phone number at hand.


The University of Alicante managing team has launched a thanking message to both the understanding and the effort made by the entire university community to succeed with the adaptation to this special situation. They have also assured that they continue working to ensure the basic operation of the institution as well as the quality of teaching.


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