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Ten research projects focused on COVID-19, funded by the University of Alicante, are already underway

Rafael Muñoz praises researchers' ability to redirect their research to current problems

The projects are contributed by multidisciplinary teams





Alicante, Wednesday 6 May 2020

Ten out of the thirty-four projects that have been submitted to be eligible for UA urgent research project on COVID-19 funded by the University of Alicante Office of the Vice President for Research and Knowledge Transfer have been eligible. As will be recalled, the aim of this funding is to contribute immediately to improving actions relating to the COVID-19 from the different areas of knowledge to help improve the situation of people and economic sectors in the context of the current pandemic. On 1 April,  the announcement for this funding was published in accordance with the principles of social need, emergency and effectiveness given the general interest, with a charge of €90,000 from the UA COVID-19 FUND. The proposals received address many aspects including those related to health, economy, technology, nutrition, psychology and sociology. In addition, UA Vice President for Research and Knowledge Transfer Rafael Muñoz Guillena highlights the special features of these projects, made up of multidisciplinary teams where, not only UA researchers participate, but also from other universities and hospitals. This will allow for greater proximity to the problems faced by health professionals in the face of this problem.

The approved projects are "Detection by means of cameras that allow to detect two COVID-19 symptoms: fever and cough", presented by Miguel Ángel Cazorla Quevedo, Professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the UA Polytechnic School; "Development of innovative therapies, new antiviral, antiseptic and disinfectant molecules against SARS-CoV-2", by Professor of Organic Chemistry José Miguel Sansano Gil; "Development of intelligent solutions to predict clinical evolution of patients diagnosed with COVID-19", by Yoan Gutiérrez Vázquez, professor of Languages and Computer Systems at the UA Polytechnic School; "Design of advanced masks and manufacturing using 3D printing", proposed by Agustín Bueno López, professor of Inorganic Chemistry; "Generating an adapter for simple, fast and efficient manufacturing of commercial masks that are already available on the market manufactured with additive production equipment", led by Francisco Javier Esclapes Joven, professor of the Department of Graphic Expression, Design and Projects at the UA Polytechnic School; "Prevalence of immunity to COVID-19 at the University of Alicante by means of rapid serological diagnostic test (Balmes-COVID)", by José Vicente Tuells Hernández, from the Faculty of Health Sciences Departament of Community Nursing, Preventive Medicine, Public Health and History of Science; "Adapting the dynamic model in STELLA® language to a spatial micro-scale management", by César Bordehore Fontanet, research member of the Ramón Margalef Institute for Environmental Research(IMEM); "Detection and location in X-ray images of infiltrate patterns with special focus on frosted glass and alveolar infiltrates", by Antonio Jorge Pertusa Ibáñez, from the UA Polytechnic School Department of Computer Languages and Systems; "Detection and destruction of the virus, mass disinfection systems, by researcher José Luis Todolí Torro, Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Nutrition and Bromatology and Director of the Polymer and Nano Materials Analysis research group; and "The Open Ventilator. An open project to produce artificial respirators on a large scale", proposed by Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Director of the  Laboratory of Molecular Nanotecnology (NANOMOL) Javier García Martínez.

“I am very proud of the response and capacity of the UA research groups, which have been able to redirect their research to current problems in record time. This ability to adapt shows the maturity of our research groups, which are leaders both nationally and internationally," Muñoz Guillena said. 

Projects worth 2.3 million euros have been submitted for funding. The deadline for the execution of the projects and the presentation period will end on 31 December 2020. The terms and conditions have been published in the  Official Journal of the University of Alicante (BOUA).


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