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  • Two thirds of the University of Alicante January exams will be held online

Two thirds of the University of Alicante January exams will be held online

UA President sends a comforting message due to poor attendance and announces a strengthening of prevention measures on campus and well-equipped servers for online tests



Alicante, Thursday 14 January 2021

The University of Alicante will only hold one third of the tests planned for the January exam session, corresponding to the first semester of the academic year. This means that over 90,000 people will take the tests online. Around 1,100 test groups have been counted, 64% of which will be taken online.

In view of the low incidence of attendance, UA President Amparo Navarro makes a call for calm. The entire examination procedure will be carried out with all health and assessment measures without failing to comply with the commitment made on 7 January by the five Valencian public universities and the Regional Ministries of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society and Health and Safety, to follow the protocols and contingency plans established in each university, Navarro reported.

Vice President for Study Programmes, Quality Assurance and Languages Francisco Torres explains that the evaluation criteria used are those set out in the course descriptions, so that the students know them before they enrol. He also states that an evaluation forecast has already been made due to a scenario affected by the Covid-19, in order to anticipate a situation like the one we are in now.

The academic institution has managed to combine attention to the requests made by students with the evaluation needs for the acquisition of skills that guarantee quality training, with compliance with the safety and prevention measures established by the health authorities in view of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A form must be filled in for the coordinators of the courses to know the modality chosen in order to organise the tests and guarantee the correct development of the tests both in person and online, as explained by the UA president.

According to the forms received, minimum attendance is expected with a minimum peak number of 16 people, as opposed to a maximum of around 3,500 per day on a campus prepared to accommodate 30,000 students.

Nevertheless, and despite the fact that the University of Alicante has a complete and exhaustive prevention protocol, including signposting every entry, capacity control and staggered timetables, the UA President announced that the Office of the Vice President for Infrastructures and Sustainability has implemented a number of even more preventive measures in terms of capacity and distancing to reinforce the protocol.

In this sense, the new Vice President with responsibility for Prevention, Salvador Ivorra, explains that the UA security service will be reinforced during the exams period, so that they can help avoid crowding around the buildings and maintain safety distancing. 

In addition, a group of people have been selected to act as COVID-19 assistants to support the teachers in distributing the students in the classrooms and to guarantee distancing both inside the classrooms and in the rooms themselves, as well as to provide information in case of doubt, control the use of masks and hydrogels and take extreme measures to avoid the classic meetings before and after the exams. Also, the UA Prevention Service has developed minimum preventive recommendations for one-to-one exams at the UA during the COVID-19 pandemic that will be made available to the entire academic community.

The Office of the Vice President for Digital Transformation, headed by Rafael Molina, is working on detecting possible connection peaks to better schedule online tests. 

Consensus procedure

On 8 January, the Committee for Curricular Adaptation, Alternative Continuous Assessment and Examination Sessins, (made up of the deans of the Faculties, the Polytechnic School Director, the Student Council President , the Academic and Research Staff Board President, the Works Council President, the Data Protection Officer and several vice presidents) made public the Instructions and Consensus procedure  on the examination modality for C2 examinations, which already established to fill in a compulsory stating the type of assessment test chosen by the several coordinators, as set out in the course description.  

The aim of this form was twofold: on the one hand, for the IT Service to detect possible coincidences that might compromise the UA servers stability and, on the other, to establish the needs required so that the one-to-one tests could be held with guaranteed distancing and seating capacity.



servers (computer science) a computer that provides client stations with access to files and printers as shared resources to a computer network More (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)

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