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University of Alicante new TBF will produce nanoparticles from the olive industry waste

Calpech will apply a technology developed at the University of Alicante that reduces the production costs of nanoparticles at a price up to ten times lower than at present




Alicante, Tuesday 16 February 2021


The University of Alicante has participated in the creation of Calpech,  a new technology-based company (TBF),  which has developed a method that makes the industrial manufacture of encapsulated iron nanoparticles from olive industry waste economically viable.

Unive5rsity of Alicante Professor in Chemical Engineering Andrés Fullana, also a member of the research group in Waste, Energy, Environment and Nanotechnology and promoter of the initiative, explained that the benefits of these nanoparticles are well known. As an example, they are used to improve the production of biofuel from organic waste and also to clean wastewater of toxic compounds. Despite the great benefits of these nanoparticles, they have not reached the market due to the high production costs and the low use made in laboratories. Calpech's real innovation lies in the production method, which will allow us to produce 1,000 tonnes of these nanoparticles per year at a price ten times lower than today.

These nanoparticles have applications in different sectors such as biofuel production, their use as fertilisers or soil decontamination. In particular, this TBF will start with the biofuel sector, where they have obtained very good results in the proofs of concept carried out. 

The spin-off was first created to exploit the results obtained during Blanca Calderón's doctoral thesis, which are protected by a patent. The methods developed by Blanca allow the production of iron nanoparticles encapsulated in carbon from the waste from olive oil production.


Calpech has been constituted as a TBF this Tuesday with the participation of the University of Alicante, represented by University President Amparo Navarro, as the chairwoman of the Alicante Science Park Foundation, professor in Chemical Engineering Andres Fullana Font, PhD student Yuriy Budy and, PhD Blanca Calderón Roca from the University of Alicante, Manuel Rodríguez Pastor, from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Agustín Lozano Morcillo, chemical engineer.

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