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UA offers Eu7M funding to train young doctors, recruit teachers and attract international talent

Translated by Andrea Herrera Cózar

The call is now open for the period 2021-2023



Researcher at the University of Alicante



Alicante, Monday 5 July 2021

The University of Alicante has just announced various fellowships aimed at the training of young doctors, the requalification of its teaching staff and the attraction of international talent. This call has a budget of 7 million euros for the period 2021-2023, which has been granted by the Ministry for Universities. According to UA Vice President for Research Juan Mora, the opportunity offered by this fellowship programme for such a high amount, one of the largest received, represents a relevant boost for attracting international talent and the internationalisation of researchers. The Vice President encourages those interested from any scientific field, from all areas of knowledge to apply for these fellowships to establish relationships with other contact groups, networks of collaboration with other universities around the world and then return all that research to our university.

The call for funding includes the fellowship programme 'Margarita Salas for the training of young doctors', the 'Requalification of university lecturers who are civil servant or under contract and the 'María Zambrano fellowship programme for the attraction of international talent'.

The 'Margarita Salas Fellowships’ are aimed at the training of doctors through research visits in a Spanish public university or in foreign universities and research centres, as well as in Spanish public research organisations, and can have a duration of two or three years. If the fellowships are requested for research visits abroad, or in Spanish public research centres, the last year must be spent in a Spanish public university selected by the candidate, which may be the University of Alicante. As stated in the University of Alicante decision, a minimum of 28 of these fellowships have been announced with an amount of 3,500 euros during the research visit and 2,800 euros for Spain. In addition, there will be a one-off payment of a maximum of 3,500 euros for relocation expenses to be paid at the beginning of the programme.

Furthermore, the ‘Fellowships for the requalification of university lecturers who are civil servants or under contract' are aimed at promoting research visits in a university or public research centre of recognised prestige other than the University of Alicante. In this case, a minimum of 10 one-year fellowships will be awarded, 5 of which will be for Students. These fellowships will be renewable for full years depending on the professional category and budget availability. Thus, the amount of these fellowships will be equivalent to the basic salary plus the allowances currently received by the beneficiary plus an additional mobility bonus of twenty percent of this basic salary. In addition, a one-off payment of a maximum of 3,500 euros is included to cover the cost of moving to the destination centre.

Finally, the 'María Zambrano Fellowships’ are aimed at attracting academic and research staff to Spanish public universities who have accumulated post-doctoral experience in foreign universities or research centres. A minimum of 10 fellowships per year will be awarded, which may last up to three years. The monthly amount will be 4,000 euros, plus a one-off payment of a maximum of 3,500 euros to cover relocation expenses from the home centre.

The application for these fellowships must be presented online through the UA e-Services Portal at its Electronic Office.


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