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University of Alicante President Amparo Navarro claims for class attendance committed to technology in the closing ceremony of the academic year

The UA President conferred 37 new PhD degrees for doctors who read their theses during the 2019-20 academic year.




Alicante, Thursday, 8 July 2021

The University of Alicante has celebrated the academic year closing ceremony  on Thursday 8 July, where UA president conferred 37 PhD degrees to the new doctors.

There were 37 PhD students who received the biretta, which represents a distinction and protection in the improvement of science; the white gloves, symbol of strength and dignity; and the doctoral medal, symbol of the incorporation to the University of Alicante PhD holders.

The number of new PhDs, however, is higher, up to 104 PhD students  successfully read their theses last year. A figure that Navarro described as relevant considering the difficulties given in March and highlighted the involvement of the Doctoral School to adapt the protocols to the new post-covid reality to make the presentation, custody and reading of the theses electronically easier.

In her speech, Amparo Navarro claimed that the University of Alicante is an in-person university committed to technology in the face of setbacks, facing  them with responsibility, determination and common sense.

The UA president recalled that this has been a year and a half of uncertainty, a time in which we have been forced to stop, to observe, to shut ourselves away and to rethink what had been until then our way of living, working, relating, celebrating... and which has forced us to redesign the way we move forward in those tasks considered essential.

This has been a year of changes, a year of adaptation, a year of learning, a year in which we have learned that nothing is written, that, as Antonio Machado said, 'the path is made by walking', as Navarro said, in which she also congratulated the new PhD doctors for achieving the highest academic degree that universities award.

Earlier, Vice President for Research Juan Mora was in charge of delivering the laudatio at the conferment ceremony of the new PhDs who defended their theses in the 2019-2020 academic year. A total of 104, 40% of whom are women. This was one of the figures highlighted by Mora, highlighting that it is necessary to continue reflecting on this figure and establish the necessary strategies to make progress in terms of gender equality also in PhD programmes.

Mora also pointed out the good health of the commitment to the international outreach of the academic institution in Alicante, where 62 new PhD theses obtained the international endorsement and another ten PhD theses were carried out under an  international joint supervision.

In his speech, Juan Mora, also referred to the relevance and need to incorporate PhD doctors in companies to improve innovation, as well as the need to allocate funding to R+D+I programmes, where he highlighted a state aid from the Ministry for Universities close to 7 million euros through which the University of Alicante has called for funding to train young doctors, the mobility of university lecturers and the recruitment of talent.

In this sense, the Vice President also mentioned the Regional Department of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society, which has launched a PhD training plan in collaboration with companies that, thanks to a state aid  of 200,000 euros, will allow us to expand the actions within our own programme for the promotion of R+D+i.


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